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Egyptian Writing

No description

Jack Lehtinen

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Writing

Ancient Egyptian Writing
By: Jack Lehtinen
Evolution of writing
Rosetta Stone
tall green stalks on the Nile (papyrus)
664-525 B.C.E
Hieratic simplified
Demotic, cursive business and religion
Before 3000 B.C.E
“sacred carvings”
700 symbols
24 letters

written on papyrus
peeled, flattened
important names on khartush
Kept records animals, crop count
created jobs
important events
new communication

New Opportunities
Scribes only
later form of egyptian writing

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scribe translated
In Conclusion
The Rosetta Stone affected what we know about Ancient Egyptian history because everything known about their advanced way of agriculture , Religion, and way of life would be a mystery to us without it.
found by french soldier 1799
near town of Rosetta
written by priests honoring king of Egypt, Ptolemy V
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