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Deforestation in Taiga Forests

No description

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Deforestation in Taiga Forests

Deforestation in Taiga Forest
How is it affecting the environment
Deforestation is a big problem for forests because when they take down trees they are eliminating the only available source that can harness energy from the sun. So by cutting down trees they are reducing the amount of producers therefore reducing the amount of consumers. Deforestation is also reducing the amount oxygen in the forests and reducing the amount of rainfall because trees actually help water evaporate.
Endangered species in Taiga Forests.
Mammals & Birds
Siberian tiger
Wood Bison
Siberian Crane
Peregrine Falcon
Snow Leopard
Whopping Crane
Canadian Lynx
Amur Leopard
European Mynk
Przewalski's Horse

What is the Taiga Forest?
Temperatures in the Taiga forest can reach down to a minimum of 65ºF in the winter. 31% of the world is covered by forests and many of the endangered species live in forests, many of those endangered species rely on trees in order to survive, Deforestation is indirectly killing the few unique species we have left in the world. Also deforestation reduces the amount of rainfall, by reducing rain fall deforestation is decreasing the amount of water producers get to grow healthy and the amount of clean water animals can drink
Action Plan

Plants & Flowers
Labrador Tea
Lady's slipper Orchid
Helleborine Orchid
Long Leaf Pine
Lingonberry Plant
Siberian Dwarf Pine
Siberian Larch
Newfoundland Pine Marten
Methuselah’s Beard
Lodgepole Pine
Scots Pine
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The Taiga forest is a boreal forest located in the central part of Russia. The Taiga forest is currently suffering a lot of deforestation because it is one of the largest forests in the world. It is important to stop deforestation because the bad things that deforestation causes far outweigh the good. Deforestation can put a lot of species in extinction.
Awareness Campaign
For our awareness part of our project we created a Facebook page so that other people can be aware of the damages that deforestation is causing. We didn't have much success advertising our page but if we were to continue with this project in the future we would pay a small fee so our page can be advertised in all of Facebook.
By: Gabriel Ruiz and René Becerra
Our action plan to help stop deforestation is to bring in a motivational speaker so we can be fully aware of the problem and so ASFM can be inspired to take action. Bringing a speaker in will hopefully inspire people to take action and it is also a good idea because he is a credible source that we can trust.
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