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Purposes of food

Our very first presentation :X

Lan Phuong Nguyen

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Purposes of food

Purposes of food Pleasure Leisure activity Celebration Nutrition Learning culture Sense Smell Taste Appealing
look Feel of
food Slow food >< Fast food Enjoy eating Fast- pace of life Advertising Japan Vietnam Mexico South Africa France Birthday Thanksgiving Tet Holiday Warm atmosphere Bonding An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Mom, I want BimBim!!! 80% upset -> Eating Recent servey Talk Drive Work Read Watch Pyramid Nutrients Carbonhydrates Proteins

- Main source of energy
- Helps digest fats efficiently
- Used for growth and maintenance
- Rich in fiber
- Helps to prevent cancer Make vitamins usable
Cushions and protects internal organs
Cell membrane
Neurons Function ''Friendship is like vitamins, we supplement each other's minimum daily requirements'' Sources Elements in food that are required for
- Providing energy
- Growth , repair, and reproduction
- Starting and controlling various processes Food guide pyramid Grains Vegetables Fruits Milk Meat Oil Generally unhealthy group
DO NOT EAT A LOT 2-3 Servings a day
1 egg or 3 oz. of Meat = 1 serving 2-3 Servings a day
Cup of Milk 1 Serving 3-5 Servings a day
Half Cup of Chopped Vegetables = 1 serving 2-4 Servings a day
Banana = 1 Serving 6-11 Servings a day
1 Slice of Bread = 1 Serving Grains Vegetables Fruits Dry beans, nuts Meat, fish,
animal products 40% 20% 15% 7,5% 17,5% So now, if you EAT HEALTHY,
you'll end up And if you don't do that Happy and fit Sad and fat Bread Rice Pasta Noodles Cereal Function Fat Fish Meat Butter Honey nuts, egg yolks, chocolate milk,... Milk Fact: 9 calories per gram
30% of daily caloric intake Vitamins Fat-soluble Water-soluble Vitamins are stored in the liver and fatty tissues Vitamins are distributed through the bllodstream and excess is expelled through utine Vitamin B Vitamin C Citrus Fruits Vitamin A Vitamin E margarine, butter, shortening, green and leafy vegetables, wheat germ, whole grain products, nuts, egg yolk, liver. Promotes hardening of bones and teeth, increases the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D Protects vitamins A and C and fatty acids
Prevents damage to cell membrane - Helps to form skin and mucous membranes and keep them healthy
- Increasing resistance to infections
- Promotes bones and tooth development. Vitamin K Helps blood to clot. - rebuild, repair, and maintain body tissues
- forms muscle, bone, blood, cell membranes, and hormones Seafood, Yogurt, Pork, Beans... 4 Calories per gram
20 -30% of daily caloric intake Minerals Calcium
Sodium regulate many chemical reactions in the body Water 65 - 70% of the body
95% of blood
Helps digestion
Removes body waste
Regulates body temperature
Cushions the spinal cord and joints 6 – 8 oz. glasses per day
Loss due to sweat and urine A healthy plate There's actually the 6th group in the Food Pyramid It's oil, the tiny slim of Yellow on the
Food Pyramid Balance
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