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What is evolution?

No description

Meredith Barton

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of What is evolution?

1. Notebook
2. Pencil
3. Thinking Cap!

Date Topic/Activity Page #
10.29.13 Natural Selection 47

Over time,
average neck
length increases

Did you survive? _____ Why?

Which genes will be passed down to next generation (which wings)?

How will the next generation LOOK (size wings)?

Game Questions (3 min)

Natural Selection Game

What has happened?

Have you ever wondered why
Giraffes have long necks?


Natural selection kills off organisms that
cannot adapt to survive in the environment.

In the game we played,
only organisms that survived passed down traits.

Natural Selection

The genes that allow a species to survive best
will be passed down to the next generation.
This causes a species to change over time.

You can even end up with a


Species of birds with softest fur.

Fur becomes a prized possession for pillow manufacturers

Therefore hunters seek birds with
LARGE wings, since there is a
tax for each bird caught.

Birds w/ Large Wings – DEAD

#3 – Pillow Making

Temp drops below freezing.

Dead birds all over the island.

Scientists notice they have all
Short wings.

Birds w/ Short wings – please sit down (DEAD)

#1 – Weather Change

All of you will be members of a single species.

Receive a card w/ the trait of your bird.

Once your receive card, Please memorize the trait.

Everybody will Stand up when I say so.

Groups of you will die, if you die, please sit down.

Natural Selection Game - Directions

Which moth is more likely to survive? WHY?

Group Practice (5 minutes)

PEPPER MOTHS pre-industrialization

Longer necks give
birth to longer necks

(trait is passed on in genes)

Giraffes with longer necks get better food, survive have more babies

Over time population will change to reflect
the traits that help the species survive

This is called

Natural selection leads to Evolution

What determines whether a species survives?

Ex: X-L wing birds could not fly.

This is called Natural Selection
Nature selects which traits and genes will survive

Natural Selection


Group of Organisms capable of breeding and making offspring

Birds, Dogs, Cats, Whale-Shark


Surviving Birds

Can Court and Mate.

Make next Generation of Children.


Individuals living at the same time.
Ex: This class was one generation of birds.
The offspring will be the next generation.

#4 Courting and Mating

Sleeping Volcano Erupts.

Destroys all plant and life on ground.

Birds w/ X-large wings are too heavy

Birds w/ X-large wings – sit down

#2 – Dormant Volcano Erupts

You are a species of bird that has a range of traits for wing size.

Some of you have small wings,
medium wings, large wings, or

Check to see which type of
wings you have!

Species of Bird – Sizes of Wings

What is evolution?

What is a species?

Bonus: How do you get a species?


01. Now, which moth would be more likely to
survive? WHY???
02. Explain how this happened

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