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Plastic waterbottles

No description

matt daly

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Plastic waterbottles

plastic water bottles! which one will you choose ? plastic bottles new and improved!!
WOW WATER!!! chemical and physical properties!

physical properties: it is a colorless solid which contains a liquid that you can drink.
chemical properties: whats the problem? the problem with plastic water bottles are that the plastic can burn giving of a toxic fume witch can effect the wild life and can also get into peoples lungs, also some of the plastics chemicals get into the water killing wild life and other species, also other plastic interacts with heat the plastic can be made to change shape permanently because of chemical changes, chemicals like acids will dissolve on the plastic chemically making the plastic react. uses? some uses of plastic water bottles are; you can drink from it, refill them after you finish drinking from them, also you can sell them most people sell them a hot day, you can also use them for water fights if you want. what happens when you are done using them? Unfortunately for every six water bottles we use only one makes it to the recycling bin. The rest are sent to landfills that are filled with other toxic materials witch can destroy the earth,also they even end up as litter on the land and in rivers, lakes, and the ocean affecting our drinking water and also a lot of our aquatic wild life. Plastic bottles take several hundreds of years to decompose and not completely in some cases also causing a loss of land because of the amount of space this trash takes up. whats in the plastic?

the chemicals that go into making plastic water bottles are:
hydrogen,oxygen to carbon to 3 atoms of hydrogen, to oxygen and hydrogen wow water!!!! wow water is the new and improved water bottle. these water bottles are very environmentally friendly to the earth and is also biodegradable. it is non-toxic to anybody of anything , it is made of very little non-toxic chemicals and uses less the amount of labor to create these bottle. the bottle can come in many different colors such as blue, green,orange,and pink for the girls.this product will cost about 50cents per bottle, or 4$ for a pack of twelve. i believe that if we all use this water bottle we can save the earth and us alto more than using those bad toxic boring water bottles!!! thanks for watching :) r
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