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Unit 603

No description

kirsty pearson

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit 603

Unit 603
Health & Safety awareness for hospitality and catering

For short...
H&S - Health & Safety

PPE - Personal protective equipment (these are designed to protect users from H&S risks, i.e. gloves, safety shoes, Chef whites, goggles etc. You are required by law to be trained on using them and wearing them!)

PAT - Portable Appliance Testing (a qualified person checks electrical equipment to make sure it is safe to use

COSHH - Control of substances hazardous to health (all of the chemical you use have a risk to harm you, this controls that risk)

Manual Handling - the process of physically lifting / moving things, done safely.
Who's involved?
Your manager / Tutor
is responsible for making sure that H&S practices and procedures are in place and are being followed.

are responsible for following H&S practices and procedures

EHP - Environmental Health Practitioner - A local authority inspector of food safety practices in hospitality and catering organisations
Mandatory Signs
Prohibition Signs
Health and Safety
What is 'Health'?
What is 'safety'?
Health & Safety Hazards
What is a Hazard?
So how do we control Hazards or Risks?
Identify the hazard/risk
Risk assessments
Regular reviews of risk assessments
Controlling or removing the risk
Following Health and Safety policies and procedures.
What are the Hazards within Hospitality and Catering that need reporting?
Most Hazards can be found in one of four categories.

Buildings & Equipment

Ill Health


H&S proceedures
What is a procedure?
Most H&S issues only require a little common sense...
For example
The term 'Health' refers to a state of Physical and Mental well-being
The term 'Safety' refers to an absence of risks with the potential to cause harm

an established or official way of doing something.
Why do we have procedures?
Operate within the law
To keep us safe
To reduce the risk of harm/accidents/illness
To make sure everyone is working the same way
Prevent compensation claims
Protect our reputation
What would happen
we didn't have
Closed down
Bad reputation
Compensation claims
Who is responsible for H&S?
To provide a working environment which is healthy and safe for employees, customers, and visitors.
To maintain equipment, ensuring it is safe to use.
To deal with chemicals safely
To provide staff with personal protective equipment where required
To provide staff with adequate training
To take care of their personal H&S at work
To take care of others H&S at work
To work within H&S legislation
To follow H&S procedures

What happens if we don't take responsibility for H&S?

verbal or written advice
improvement notices
Prohibition notice

Verbal / written warning
loss of job
Damaged buildings
damaged walls / floors
Contagious diseases
Coughs / Colds
Sickness & Diarrhea

(Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Electronic)
You are now ready to complete Task A
(Short answer questions)
There are 15 questions
there are 46 marks available, you must gain at least 27 (60%) to pass
What have we covered so far...
What does 'Health & Safety' mean?
what 3 things does a fire need to burn?
What does EHP stand for?
Who is responsible for H&S?
List 4 items of PPE
List 2 methods of harassment
List the 4 categories of hazards
What are the consequences of not following H&S procedures?

Signs are all around us
But what do they mean?
Warning Signs
Safe Signs
Fire Fighting sign
Time to review what we have learned...
What color are Mandatory signs?
Give 1 example of a mandatory sign

What color are Warning Signs?
Give 1 example of a warning sign

What color are fire fighting signs?
Give 1 example of a fire fighting sign

What color are safe signs?
Give 1 example of a safe sign

What color are prohibition signs?
Give 1 example of a prohibition sign
You are ready for Task B
Identifying signs questions
You are required to use the table provided to identify the colours and meanings of 10 H&S signs
You will recieve 1 ark for the correct meaning, 1 mark for the correct category and 1 mark for the correct colour.
You will need to achieve a minimum of 16 marks to pass.
A Hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm
Example of completing a risk assessment
Identify the hazard / risk

How serious is the potential injury? (Low, Medium or High

What is the possible risk of harm?

Can the risk be removed?

What action can we take to control the risk?

How often should we review the risk?
On your feet!

In small teams, complete a risk assessment for an area of the college.
i.e using the stairs, the car park, the cafe, crossing the road...

- Sharp Knives

The potential for harm
- High

Possible risks
- Cuts, lacerations, amputations, death

can the risk be removed
- No

Action to control the risk
- Supervision, training, locked storage for knives, H&S procedures for handling / using knives

- Every 3 months

Lets discuss your risk assessments...
You are now ready to complete Task C, H& S hazards.
You will be given the hazard then you will gain 1 mark for identifying the possible risk and 2 marks for identifying 2 actions that can be taken to reduce the risk.
Out of 24 marks, you will need to gain at least 16 to pass.
We should now all have a greater depth and knowledge of understanding in all areas of health and safety, including;
H&S practices
H&S signs
H&S Hazards

Unit 603 is complete

By the end of this presentation you will be able to demonstrate awareness of H&S practices, be able to identify hazards & be able to follow H&S procedures within hospitality and catering

The unit will be split into 3 sections which will enable us to learn, review & do.
1- H&S practices
2- H&S signs
3- H&S Hazards
On your feet!

In small teams, find 10 signs around the college and record their position, meaning and colour.

What did we find?
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