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CSUEB Organization Recognition & Renewal

No description

Megan Lebre

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of CSUEB Organization Recognition & Renewal

CSUEB Organization Recognition & Renewal Meeting
Campus Life Starts Here!

Final Reminders and Upcoming Events
Why Get Recognized?
Recruit members on campus

Reserve and use university facilities and equipment
Support Services
Student Life and Leadership Programs
Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)
University Union
Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW)
Pioneer Heights
Steps to Recognition
Submit changes in constitution, bylaws and officers to Student Life within 10 days of the change. See fillable constitution form on the website to submit requests through email.
Only Officers listed on your organization’s Request for Recognition are authorized to reserve University facilities
Please allow for a 72-hour turnaround when additional signatures are required!
Amplified sound is generally RESTRICTED TO THE HOURS BETWEEN 11:45 am – 1:15 pm! Refer to the University’s policy on Time, Place, and Manner for more details.

Following forms must be completed no later than October 29, 2014:
- Club and Organization Recognition and Renewal Form (filled out by president)
- Officer Recognition and Renewal
- Club Advisor

All officers must attend one Recognition and Renewal meeting

All officers must attend:
- Fall Student Leadership Conference
- Winter Quarter Leadership Workshop
- Student Organization Leadership And Recognition (SOLAR) Awards
Officer Requirements
Matriculated, enrolled full time, and in good standing
Minimum GPA of 2.0
No probation of any kind
President and Treasurer: Minimum of 9 quarter units and minimum of 2 quarters per academic year
May not hold office after earning 225 units (75 for grad students)
CSU Executive Order 1006:
Governs Clubs and Holds the University Accountable For Ensuring Compliance With…
Membership minimum = 5
Non-Discrimination Policy
Anti-Hazing Policy
Student Code of Conduct
Alcohol Policy
SLLP works with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities as well as Health & Wellness to sanction clubs that violate EO 1006 and/or the Student Code of Conduct.
Publicity Resources Available in Student Life!
Student Life and Leadership Programs
New University Union, Room 2011
(510) 885-3657 | studentlife@csueastbay.edu

Follow us on Facebook on all of our 5 pages:
CSUEB Student Life & Leadership Programs
CSUEB Greek Life
CSUEB Cultural Groups
CSUEB Orientation
CSUEB Smooth Transitions
We are here for YOU!

ASI Funding
Club Banking
Advisor Requirements
Staff or faculty; full or part-time
Can't be an ASI or auxiliary staff member
Assist and support clubs with events/programs, maintenance, and growth
Coach club officers and members to adhere to University policies and procedures
Attend events and activities
Complete Campus Advisor form (only on-campus advisors have to fill out)
Attend training on October 30th, 2014
Off-campus catering service, clubs must provide a
business license
, a
health permit
, and
proof of insurance
to the SLLP office.

No home preparation of food for public consumption

Events with food must adhere to Alameda County Food Handling Requirements
Food Policy
Participate in campus events and contests

Use Banking Services provided by the University
Hold meetings, events, and programs on campus

Apply for ASI for event funding
Saturday, November 8 from 9am-3pm
Theme: People, Purpose, Passion: The Pathway to Success
Spirit: Show CSUEB/theme pride and engage with the conference before and during

Philanthropy: Student Homelessness
-Before conference: Turn in clothes and health supplies into the SLLP office

Volunteer: Day of conference, extra spirit points

Saturday, October 25 from 7:30am-1pm
Volunteering is awesome! Please join us for CSUEB Make a Difference Day 2014! This year's community service project will be centered around the Tennyson High School neighborhood as well as Weekes Community Park!
Saturday, October 18 from 7:30am-1pm
If you would like to showcase your club/org to prospective students and their families, RSVP to host a table at Preview Day 2014! Volunteer and performance opportunities are also available!
Council Meetings
Greek Council
Sport Clubs Council
One representative from each club, organization, team
Travel Policies
Let your on campus advisor know as well as Student Life advisor
Will need to fill out forms such as waiver and liability

Are you involved in the community? Does your group participate in community service projects? Get recognized with our new Community Service Recognition Program for Clubs and Organizations!
Community Engaged Program Certification
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