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Concept Car Incubator for South Africa Wildlife Park

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Concept Car Incubator for South Africa Wildlife Park

future technology
by Stephanie and Britney

Concept Camera does not allow to get lost in an unfamiliar area

While traveling in an unfamiliar city, and especially abroad, often have difficulty, associated with ignorance terrain. It is therefore, that nothing distracts from the beautiful species, and hands did not hold countless devices, invented camera Traveling Companion Panorama Camera. It brings together a wide range of digital capabilities: GPS, camera, mobile phone and many other functional technology.
Going on a trip well take care of that in there were satin, mobile phone ( if well with GPS navigation ), camera and many other important items. But such an extensive set prevents enjoy traveling.

some more future technology
Concept 13-inch Apple iPad Pro
Concept the triple-Decker aircraft with serious stuffing
Realistic concept iWatch hours on iOS 7

Concept Car Incubator for South Africa Wildlife Park

Due to global warming, we need to maintain our ecosystem to keep ideal environment quality. Wild animals in Africa are dying from rapid desertification. Incubator concept car is a design study which has been proposed to move around through meadow faster and more effective, not to mention the incubation area at the backseat area which can be used to carry injured animals safely.
Incubator concept car was inspired by the work of incubation that provides ideal environmental condition to protect and keep premature infants warm. It’s been designed to help South Africa Wildlife Park’s managers to take care injured animals easier. Currently, they use Safari car as main transportation to drive through the meadow, but this car is ineffective when it comes to carry

our conclusion is that future technology may or may not be better than technology now
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