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Walt Disney

No description

Nicole Toth

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Walt Disney

- Walton "Walt" Disney was born on December 5th 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney

- He had 3 other Siblings: Herbert, Raymond, Royand Ruth Disney

-Walt's father Elias was originally from Huron County, Ontario, Canada, but later on moved to Marceline, Missouri where Walt gain an interest for trains and drawing

- After a few years, the family moved to Kansas city where he was introduced to Walter Pfieffer who was the first person to get Walt interested in motion picture.
- In 1917 Walt moved to Chicago where he attended McKinley High school while taking night courses at the Chicago Art institute

- He became a cartoonist for his school newspaper where he mainly drew about WW1

- Walt dropped out of high school at 16 to join the army, but was rejected for being underage

- Soon after being rejected, Walt joined the red Cross and drove ambulance in France for a Year
- Walt once again moved back to Kansas City where he started making political comics for the local newspaper
- He met a man named Ubbe Iwerks at an art studio who was also a cartoonist

- Together they started a business called "Iwerks-Disney commercial Artists" which got Walt really interested in animation

- An owner of an Ad company let Walt borrow one of their cameras, and sparked his interest in cel animation

- The company was named Laugh-O-Gram Studios
- Walt chose to start his own company and made a deal with Frank L. Newman to play Walt's cartoons in his theater
Laugh-O-Gram Studios
- Laugh-O-Gram Studios got fairly big in Kansas city. but later went Bankrupt
- Laugh-O-Gram Studios made small cartoons such as Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella
- Walt Later said that His first inspiration for Mickey Mouse came from a mouse in the Laugh-O-Gram Studio
- As aspiring Entrepreneurs and Animators, Walt and his brother Roy pooled their money together and created a studio in Hollywood
- There Walt Created "The Alice Comedies" in the new Disney Brother's Studios
- In 1925 Walt hired Lillian Bounds to ink paint, after courting for about a year the eventually got married
- The Alice Comedies remain successful until it's end in 1927
- That same year Disney helped create Oswald the lucky rabbit but lost the rights to universal studios to keep him
It All Started With A Mouse
- After loosing the rights to Oswald, Walt figured needed his own signature character
- He thought back to the pet mouse he had a Laugh-O-Gram Studios, and started making some drawings
- Mickey's original name was Mortimer, but Walt's wife Lillian didn't like that name so she changed Mickey
- Ub Iwerks reworked Walt's sketches and made them easier to animate
- Walt gave the voice and personality to Mickey until 1947
-In 1932 Walt won an Academy award for Mickey becoming the most popular cartoon of all time
- Due do Mickey's large popularity and the introduction of technicolor, Walt started introducing more characters
Snow White
- Following the Huge success of two cartoon series, Walt decided he wanted to make a full length featured film

- Both Lillian and Roy though it would ruin Disney Studios, but Walt stuck through with it anyway

- He started operation For Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs in 1934 and despite running out of money halfway through production, finally finished in 1937

- The film premiered at the Carthay Circle Theater on December 21st 1937

- It became the most successful motion picture in 1938 earning over $8 million, which today would be $132,671,390
Era of WW2
- Soon after the Success of Snow White, Walt made Fantasia and Pinocchio

- Both movies were considered financially unsuccessful to Disney but still popular

- They made Dumbo in 1940 as an income generator after many of Walt's artist went on Strike
- Walt Disney Productions came to a halt when WW2 started
- As the war came to an end, Walt released a few short films such as melody time, Fun and Fancy Free, and The Adventures of Ichbad and Mr.Toad

- Mickey's popularity was fading by the end of the war and Walt knew he needed to fix that
Bringing Back Success
- Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland were both shelved during the war, but brought back soon after

- Cinderella also came out and became Walt's biggest success since Snow White

- Walt also came out with educational films in the 1950's
"The Happiest Place on Earth"
- In the late 1940's Walt Started drawing Sketches of his dream amusement Park
- Disney's dream started coming true when a small group of Disney studio employees joined the Disneyland development project as engineers and planners, and were dubbed Imagineers
Grand Opening
- July 17th 1955 marked the official opening day of Disneyland in Anaheim, California
“ To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past .... and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America ... with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. ”
Live Action
- After opening Disneyland, Walt put his focus on making live action films like Old Yeller, The Parent Trap and Davy Crockett
- The Disney company bought a weekly segment on ABC that they called Disneyland. They started by only playing cartoon clips, until they created the very successful Mickey Mouse Club in 1955
Mary Poppins
- Walt made a promise to his daughters when they were very small that he would make their favorite book Mary Poppins into a movie

- After 20 years of failed attempts, the writer P.L Travers finally gave Walt the rights to the book in 1964 in exchange for her to make any script changes she wanted

- P.L Travers may not have been the easiest person to work with, but the movie quickly became Walt's most successful movie of all time
The Worlds Fair
- During the 1964-65 world fair, Walt bought an exhibit to portray some of his newest ideas like animitronics

- His main attractions were Progress in Time, The People Mover, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and Its a Small World

- Most of these rides still exist today and are located in Disneyland and Disney World
Big New Plans For Disney
- In late 1965, Disney announced plans to develop another theme park to be called Disney World a few miles southwest of Orlando. Disney World was to include "the Magic Kingdom", a larger, more elaborate version of Disneyland.
- Walt's main focus was on his newest idea EPCOT, which stood for Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow
- It was to be the most futuristic city in the world and also mock many traits of the Worlds Fair
- Unfortunately, during a neck surgery from a previous injury the doctor found a large tumor on Walt's Lung
- Walt had been a chain smoker his entire adult life, but never smoked in front of children
- He went for another surgery to get his whole left lung removed, but he was only given 6 months to 2 years to live
Illness and Death
- On November 30th 1966, Walt collapsed in his home and was rushed to St. Josephs hospital
- On December 15th, just 10 days after his 65th birthday, Walt dies in hospital of acute circulatory collapse
His Legacy Lives
- Soon after Walt passed away, his brother Roy Disney took over the company

- Roy went ahead and finished Disney world for Walt in 1971

- At the opening, Roy gave Walt a dedication and played "When You Wish Upon a Star"

- Just 2 months after the opening of Disney World died of cerebral hemorrhage
Roy O. Disney
The Disney Empire
- As of this year the Disney company is one of the most well known companies in the world
- The Disney company owns five vacation resorts, eleven theme parks, two water parks, thirty-nine hotels, eight motion picture studios, six record labels, eleven cable television networks, and one terrestrial television network.
- Currently The Disney company is worth $35 Billion annually
A Legend and a Leader
So what Made Walt Disney a leader?
He was Innovative, Creative and a Risk Taker
He was charismatic and caring but also intimidating
He was a very autocratic leader
- Walt was revolutionary from being the first to use live action and animation together, to being the first to use sound in his cartoons
- He always wanted to be one step ahead of everyone, and to constantly keep his audiences captivated
- He believed the "Imagination is the capitol of the world" and if he could bring imagination to people, he would be unstoppable
- Walt had a personality that nobody could replicate, and that's what people were drawn to
- He was a very big family man, and wanted his employees to see him as a father or uncle figure
- Walt never really threw out compliments very often, so when he did it would make employees want to work harder to get his praise
- Walt was one that always wanted his own way and because he was so particular, employees had no say in the creative process
- There was a point where his employees went on strike due to having no union
- Walt's brother Roy brought him back to reality and convinced him to make a union for his employees
- People started to understand why Walt was so controlling, he risked everything to build his empire, and he didn't want to lose creative control of it
Disney Trivia
In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live?
c) Pride Rock
In Dumbo, where is Mrs. Jumbo when the stork delivers her baby?
B) The Circus Train
In Mary Poppins, what animal was on the end of Mary Poppins' umbrella that spoke?
C) A Parrot
During the ballroom scene of Beauty & the Beast, what color is Belle's Gown?
A) Gold
In Bambi, what word does the owl use to describe falling in love?
B) Twitterpated
What Name did Walt Disney not like to be called?
A) Mr. Disney
The End
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