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Teaching Ultrasound

No description

Emma Hill

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Teaching Ultrasound

Teaching Ultrasound
1. To recall wave properties, including frequency and amplitude
2. To understand what ultrasound means and how it works
3. To think about how ultrasound might be used in the clinic and to critically evaluate its advantages and disadvantages
Topics and Concepts
1. Review of properties of sound
2. What is ultrasound?
3. How does echolocation work?
4. How is ultrasound used in a clinical context?
5. What are some advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound imaging?
Planning the lesson
Topics and concepts
Results and Evaluation
Results and Evaluation
Areas of strength: Both groups were engaged and understood new concepts well. Everyone submitted homework that showed improvement from the baseline test.

Areas of weakness: Off-topic discussion (Yr 9s), quiet students struggling to participate in discussion (Yr 10s)

Targets going forwards: Take a more active role in leading discussions to move away from tangential questions and involve quiet students.
Group discussion -
mixed questioning style, hot-seating, diagrams and calculations on portable white boards eg waveform graphs.
Activities for each concept block, testing a variety of skills -
frequency generator app, echolocation treasure hunt, identify the body part from the scan, ethics debate.
Final summaries, homework, recap at the start of the next tutorial
Year 9/10 Students
Mixed ability
Tutorial format
Second tutorial of a six week course on medical imaging
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