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On Earth

No description

Karen Ceballos

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of On Earth

Students recognize social injustices around the world and want to do something about it
Ricky Gaeta
Jeanella Ibarra
David Facio
Bryan Gallegos
Job Shadow:
Service-Learning Proposal
Karen Ceballos

Overrepresentation of minorities in special education
Harmful Effects of Fisheries on the Ocean
Manhattan Beach Roundhouse Aquarium
High School Workshops
Community Forum
Senior Theses
Social Media
February - March
- Bennett-Kew Elementary School
11710 S Cherry Ave, Inglewood 90303
Senior Thesis Topic:
- Interview
Effective classroom environment
- learning styles
- interactive
Senior Thesis topic:
How can we realistically end the epidemic of homelessness
Job Shadow:
- Christopher L. Golden, and Brenda- The Salvation Army 324 E. Queen Street Inglewood, CA 90301
Effective programs
Service Learning Proposal:
- Fundraising
* Cloth (shoes, sweaters, shirts ext
* Food ( food cans, bread ext)

- IEP Meeting

- progress
Tutoring Program
-Giving food bags
- Lunch
Dayion Crumble
- progress
- street clean
- disease gone
-Reducing homeless
Salvation army meeting
Demanding more shelters
Senior Theis
School- to- Prison Pipeline
Job Shadow
-USC Rossier
-Augustus Hawkins High School
- Watched the Algebra Project Program

-Went over teacher lessons

- Interview

- Student ran workshops.
Senior Thesis Topic:
Severice Learning Propsal
health fairs
rafle hand made cook book
Diabetes within low income communities
Senior Thesis:

The effects electronic visual media have on childhood brain development
small booth for face painting
silent auction
Center For Latino
Community Health
Job Shadow:
Job Shadow
- Every Saturday 8-12 a.m.
- 4-6th graders

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