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No description

Carlos Tanchez

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of SYNCING & SETUP

I changed the batteries and now it keeps displaying the EER message. It does show that it is connected to the wireless network.
Switch User to check that scale is paired
Ask if the user is seeing an error displayed
Did the user make any changes to the network?
Hi John,

We're sorry to hear you're seeing sensing thinking err displayed on your scale when trying to take a measurement, thanks for taking the batteries out.

The error you've described may be caused by your scale attempting to calibrate after being moved.

Please make sure of the following:
1. Remove again all the batteries for at least 1 minute and then reinsert them.
2. Your scale is placed on an even, hard surface such as tile or a hardwood floor.
3. You are standing still on the scale.

If you continue to see these messages displayed, let us know. We will be happy to further assist you.
Intermittent Syncing:
The customers are experiencing intermittent syncing when their Aria sometimes syncs successfully, and other times does not.

No Longer Syncing:
The customers are unable to sync their data after weighing themselves on the scale.

Syncing error unknown:
The customer is experiencing syncing issues, but has not defined the exact error message they're receiving on their scale.

Wi-Fi symbol beneath an "X":
The scale signal was unable to connect with the router after weighing, and the error was specified as "NO SYNC" or a "Wi-Fi" symbol beneath an "X".

Sensing Thinking ERR:
the customer stands on the scale, the screen will display "SENSING", then "THINKING", and finally "ERR".

Max Error:
Customers may report seeing "MAX" displayed on their scale instead of a weight measurement.
It will be a syncing issue when: the Aria Scale is paired to a Fitbit.com account.
It will be a setup issue when: there is no Aria Scale paired to Fitbit.com account.
Now the problem is, after stepping on the scale it reads and processes then ERR comes across the screen. I moved the scale to different parts of the house and next to the router, but it still does the same thing so I don't believe it's the wireless network. I looked at the support page and it says if it
keeps happening after taking the batteries out of the scale, contact customer service. Is there any way you can help me with this?
Case No.
My Aria scale that I've had for a while has recently stopped syncing.
I went and tried to re-do the network setup today, and it keeps giving WIFI
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