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Jazz unit


Andrew Parker

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Jazz unit

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com 1.Ragtime piano music 3. Dixieland Louis Armstrong 1900-1920's 2.Blues Jazz Unit Notes By: Andrew Parker http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_some_jazz_vocabulary Vocab dig it baby hip you to cool, man cat right on Bad(good) Jazz Vocab Website Underground Railroad Harte Tubman Series of farmhouses 1880- early 1900 Hide in wagon Not apropiarte Saloons/brothels Ragging marching bands Coon song making fun of black people The entertainer
Maple Leaf Rag inappropriate Scott Joplin sadness Hollar promised land love, lovin', drinkin', the lord, loss blue scale Bessie smith ma rainey Robert Johnson Muddy Waters BB King NAMES T-Bone Walker John Lee Hooker AAB Form 1920- 1930ish Jelly Roll Morton Many improvisations at once trumpet tuba banjo saxophone clarinet trombone drums Mixture Many cultures all at once French Slave owners Former Slaves Native Americans Louisiana creole Food Jumbo spicy!!! Funeral dirge = sad & slow 4.5.6.BIG BAND drums piano bass/tuda banjo 5 trumpets 4-5 trombones 5 saxophones singers/vocals The Early Years 1920s Developing Solos! White Musicians vibrato Fletcher Henderson http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=fletcher+henderson&view=detail&mid=DF7FC21ADF030B9E66E1DF7FC21ADF030B9E66E1&first=0&adlt=strict Paul Whiteman Benny Goodman Bix Berderbeckey Tommy Dorsey Big Band Boom Boom = trending Goes viral 1930s & 1940s WWII Rations metal goes toward ammo/ships/tanks/planes/guns not cars Rosie the Rivter woman get jobs Great Depression? "African American" music "American" Music Duke Ellington Count Basie Ella Fitzgerald Billie Holday Touring Swing Dances Blacks and whites in same band Post-War 1940s- present No more war! Metal can now be used make cars Drinking age lowered to 18 Men come home Financial Stability Social Stability = = = = BABY BOOM = = Virtuoso Meaning: is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in the fine arts, at singing or playing a musical instrument. Showing off Wikipedia Buddy Rich The greatest drummer EVER Maynard Ferguson Stan Kenton 7.Bebop 1940s Bippty bop debop boppity be da bebop After big band concerts were over for the night The best players in the band would go out to clubs and play more. Sitting in. Small groups- quartets, quintets Charlie Parker "The Bird" Dizzy Gillespie John Coltrane Giant Steps 8. Cool Jazz reaction to bebop 1940s- 1950s slow things down be cool man Miles Davis harmon mute 9. Latin Jazz mixture of jazz and latin music Spanish Flamenco percussion Claves, congos, cowbells, bongos, & timbales Tito Puente Afro Cuban All Stars Dizzie Gillespie Salsa dancing Mambo, Samba, Tango 10.Free Jazz Ornette Coleman 1960s experimental, provocative Cecile Taylor No rules 11. (Jazz Rock)
a.k.a Fusion 1970s- present electricity and guitar Chicago Earth, Wind, & Fire Chick Cornea Pat Metheny 12. Jazz Ensemble 1940s-present School Jazz Band Middle School Bands
High school Bands
College Bands
Professional Bands Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band North Texas State Band By: Andrew Parker stole music from blacks
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