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Gaps in the Community

No description

James Frazier

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Gaps in the Community

Information Technology Services
What I Do
I work in our district's IT warehouse. I am responsible for assisting in providing support, computer maintenance as well as managing the district's growing infrastructure. Although we do not directly impact the academic side of education, our department does work closely with schools in helping them use technology to enhance teaching and student learning.
There are times when the expectations for carrying a particular task are unclear. It may be unclear how soon a particular work order for a school needs to completed or who is expected to complete it.
Monday, March 23, 2015
James L. Frazier
What We Do
Establishing Protocol
The information technology department provides help and support for all those who use any of the district supported systems or processes. Functions of the department include software and system development, web programming, network engineering, and instructional technology. We provide district staff with support to use technology resources and tools for productivity and classroom use.
There have been times when equipment in the warehouse has turned up missing. At times it has been unclear whether they were the result of thefts or just poor communication. Many times technicians would take things they needed without letting the warehouse supervisor know. We might discover too late that a needed part had been used up. This created delays in work orders being completed.

There are also many instances where teachers are schools are unsure of the proper protocol for making a specific request. If a teacher or administrator did not go through the proper channels, it could be weeks or months before a repair request was met.
Information Technology
Our staff generally works well together as a team. However, there are areas that have room for growth within our department and throughout the district.
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