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James Coleman - Social Capital

No description

Amy Reynolds

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of James Coleman - Social Capital

Social Capital James Coleman James Coleman Early Years
Born in 1926
Grew up in South and Midwest
Purdue University: B.S. Chemical Engineering
Columbia University: PhD Sociology
Lazerfeld Critique SOCIAL CAPITAL Reciprocity Trust Creates & Reaffirms Norms Opportunities & Constraints Social Structure Culture Career
University of Chicago
Johns Hopkins University
Important Work
Rational Choice Theory
Social Capital Theory
Foundations of Social Theory
The Adolescent Society
The Asymmetric Society
Other honors
President of the ASA
Presentation to Congress, U.S. Department of Education Died March 25, 1995 The good news... One of the most important American Scholars of the 20th Century
"the utilitarian summa"
only successful theorists to link freewill and following machine orders
macro to micro link The not so good news... Utilitarian
Rigid Assumptions
Too much power in hands of individual
Too historically contextual
Responsibility on Individual
poor choices
self-contradictory (gifts)
Rigid approach inappropriate for social Child
B Child
A Parent
B Parent
A Child
B Child
A Parent
B Parent
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