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playing ball

Bernard Rogers

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of fun

All about me My name is Bernard J Rogers born in children hospital. i was a prechore babby weight 2pounds 2 ounce. August 18 .1994 Let me tell u about my self. I suffer my first heart breake when i was 9. i didn't known how i was going to take i was devastate. No one was their 4 me. Favoite team EAGLES!!!!!!!
ALLLDAYYY!!!!!!!!! I played football when i was ten. for the northwest radiers, i only played for a year it was to far from where i live. i was always late. Sports crush heart friends
i love playing sports with my friends we play basketball, football, and baseball we have a blast it was rocking. favoite basketball team
my favoite food is pizza, chesestake, chicken etc when i was six my dad tld me told me a bed time story. Every night i love dat about my father. and he always said he love me. and thats how i be came so sweet that you kno me now.
I have 2 dog's. and one cat. and i move to place to place i use to live in pitturburg. Then i came to phildephia. my brother my faviote sister i love her the most with all my heart My two loveable parents I love them both my father'S NAME IS Bernard Rogers. and my mom name is darlene Rogers i love them to much http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLfDNn5tFk&feature=related This song means the world to me. it tell's u the heartbreaks i went threw.And pain i went threw. and you stil c me with a smile on my face. Today
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