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Labor Unions during the Industrial Revolution

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Michael Kelly

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Labor Unions during the Industrial Revolution

Labor Unions During the Industrial Revolution
Labor Unions During the I
-workers in the 1800’s faced long hours, dirty plus dangerous work conditions, and being threatened to be laid off
-In 1829 John Doherty led the way of Unions by founding the first union in Britain known as “Grand General Union of All the Operative Spinners of the United Kingdom”
The Combinations Act of 1799, and 1800 banned the forming of unions, and strikes in Britain
People joined Unions anyways even with the threat of job loss, and jail.
Due to people neglecting the Combinations Act for so many years, Parliament repealed the act in 1824, and unhappily allowed them in Britain by 1825
By Michael Kelly and Michael Baltatayan
By 1875 British unions were finally allowed to stikre and picket peacefully. By this time they had about 1 million members.

In the U.S. skilled laborers were already in unions since the early 1800's unlike Britain
The American Federation of Labor was formed in 1886 after several diferent unions joined together
Unions, and reformers made political leaders try to fix the abuses, and problems that came out of the industrialization, one was child labor. Parliament finally started looking into child labor, and passed the factory act in 1833
Unions made Parliament pass the 10 Hours Act in 1847 which limited a workday to a maximum of 10 hours
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