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Copy of Free CV / Resume Prezi Template

A free Prezi CV / resume template for self promotion. Your classical paper CV is presented on a wooden desk with a pen and cup of coffee. All the elements are movable. Resume includes personal information, education, work experience and place for por

John Hale

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Free CV / Resume Prezi Template

John Hale
Beyond College Consulting
Work Experience
About Me:
Thanks for your time!
Get this free template:
2014 Pilot Program
Session 1: The Beyond College Model
: In this session, I would like to introduce the challenges facing contemporary college students,
and discuss what we are going to do over the next 8 weeks to prepare you for those challenges.
What are the challenges facing college students?
College Dropout Rates
Just over half of students (55%) who start 4-year bachelor degree programs will graduate within 6 years.
Student Loan Debt
Two-thirds of college graduates will have student loan debt, and the average borrower owes roughly $27,000.
Over half of college graduates express major regrets with their college experience, claiming that they were ill-informed before making the transition.
The Reflective Issue
Many college students don't know why they are going to college, and therefore do not set concrete goals.
What are the challenges facing recent college graduates?
Employment Rates
Professional Readiness
General Unhappiness
In September of 2012, 53% of America's recent college graduates--those less than 5 years removed from college--were either unemployed or working in a job that doesn't require a bachelor's degree.
According to the same study, recent college graduates are actually more likely to work in the food service industry than they are to work as engineers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians combined.
Almost half (48%) of recent graduates from four-year colleges said they were either not at all prepared or not very well prepared to find a full-time job upon leaving college.
Over 60% of hiring managers claim that recent college graduates do not possess the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.
Where are you going to college?
What do you hope to study at college?
What do you hope to do with that degree?
What is the Beyond College Model?
Phase 1 - The 8 Week Spring Session
Phase 2 - The Freshman Year Module
Phase 3 - The Internship Placement Program
Objective 1
: To educate college-bound students on the realities of the University culture and the structure of the University system.
Objective 2
: To help students locate their academic skills and interests, and to explore the professional possibilities within those academic fields.
Objective 3
: To increase reflective thinking
Objective 4
: To begin developing a concrete, 4-year academic map towards a undergraduate degree.
Objective 1
: To allow students a healthy and structured outlet for discussing the challenges of first-year college life.
Objective 2
: To provide a detailed and nuanced academic plan that meets the specific needs of each student.
Objective 3
: To supplement the outreach programs offered by universities.
Objective 1
: To educate students about the realities of the professional world through on-site exposure.
Objective 2
: To provide students with professional experience within their chosen field while building a network and developing a professional resume.
Triangle X Ranch
Gwangju, South Korea
Over half (53%) of 18- to 24-year-olds are living with their parents.
The average income for a full-time employed recent college graduate is $28,000, and over 50% of recent graduates are unhappy with their salary.
Many of those lucky enough to be working within their field of study are unhappy with the type of work they are performing.
What do you look forward to the most?
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