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Molly Wolf

No description

Health 7

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Molly Wolf

Quality #4: Positive

Quality #5: Polite

Advice from my hero
Quality #1: Trust
Quality #2: Selfless

My Hero:
My Hero:
Kelly Wolf

Quality #3: Respectful

Question #1
What advice can you give me about
making personal decisions in life?

"Make decisions that are true to who you are, and don't cause harm to other people."

Question #2
What should I do to resist peer pressure?

"Be confident in who you are."

Question #3
Who is your hero? Why?

"My mom because she has always set a good example for me."
Kelly Wolf
My mom is selfless because she helps me before she helps herself. For example, she does things for me she doesn't want to do.
My Mom is respectful because she is always considerate of other peoples feelings. For example, she is nice to her friends and peers
My mom is positive because she always makes me feel better. She also makes me think more positive when I make a mistake.
My Mom is polite because she says please and thank you, and she does what she is asked. For example when she asks for something she says please, and when she get it she says thank you.
My Mom is Trustworthy because I can tell her anything . Also I can trust her to be there when I need her. For example, she takes me and picks me up from my practices.
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