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University of Central Oklahoma


Aaron Wheelbarger

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of University of Central Oklahoma

UCO was founded in 1890 as a teacher's College with 23 students and one building Today...
17,000 students
1,300 international students
116 Undergraduate Majors
51 Graduate Majors Affordability Affordable Tuition-
Only $11,000 per academic year - Undergraduate
Only $10,000 per academic year - Graduate
(excluding summer semester)

High Standard of Living-
Only $6,500 per academic year (includes dorm housing and meal plans)
UCO has several types of housing options: dorms, suites, and apartments.

Impressive Health Insurance-
Only $705 UCO has the best health service provider with a fully equipped medical clinic, two full physicians/doctors, three nurses, and a pharmacy.

Books & Supplies-
Books and supplies $2,250 per year. UCO has several bookstores on and around campus for students to get textbooks and supplies. How to apply! www.uco.edu/ioffice UCO National Average
Tuition- $10,965 Tuition- $20,770
Housing- $6,040 Housing- $8,870
Other- $2,955 Other- $3,924
Total- $19,960 Total- $33,599

You Save $13,639 per year.
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