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Trinidad and Tabago

No description

Jettke Gray

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Trinidad and Tabago

Trinidad and Tabago
By Jettke Gray and Savana Fernandes

Historian By savana
By Jettke
-Calypso is a type of music made on the island of Trinidad.
-The orgin of the term calypso means uncertain.
- Calypso is a combination of African music, spanish music, and American jazz.
-Guitars, fluets, saxaphones, and drums are apart of calypso.
Political scientiests by Savana Fernandes
-Head of state= Anthony Carmona
-Head of goverment= Pm Kamla perad
-Trinidad and tabago are parliamentary democracy.
-Position of presidents is largelly ceremonia.
- Current prime minister and leads the peoples partnership coalition.
-voting age is 18

Geogrpher By Jettke Gray
Mountain range extends east and west across the northern area.
-Central mountain range
-The average temperature is 78 F.
-The temperature range is 64 to 92F
Archeologist by Jettke Gray
-Steel Drum
-The steel drum was used to play the music
called calypso.
-The steel drum was invented in Trinidad.
-The steel drum is a part of a drum band called steel band that had many different kinds of drums.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation.
Thank you.
Trinidad and Tabago By Jettke Gray and Savana Fernandes
Ecconomist By Savana Fernandes
-One of the Caribbeans strongest trading route.
-They had their own sugar company that dropped in 2003.
-The sugar company is now a oil drilling and manufacturing company.
-the ecconnomy picked up again in mid 1990s.
-The country has a large energy and industrial sector is a major re finer also exporters natural gas, oil, and petrochemicals which count for 80 precent of the island exports.

-French calthiocs made atrade with spain the french had sugar and cocoa plantations.

- Britian captured Trinidad and Tabgo in 1797 gained final control in 1814
-both French and English plantations made heavy us of slaves labor of this time even after slavery was abolished in the 1830's
-today many residents of Trinidad and Tabago are descends of either African or East indian slaves
-the depression of 1930's spawned a labor movment
-which soon lead to demands for greater self determination on a national scale
-in 1962 the nation become a independence and became a parliamentary demcracy
- in some cause when it come do to finding perisdent they soem times use racial slurs or racial issues to gain more voters
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