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Persistent Group Chat – the hidden UC gem

Did you know that Lync Server 2010 and OCS2007 R2 platforms offer a very powerful real-time team collaboration tool, and that it is built into the standard licensing? Join us in exploring the power of Group Chat.

Gavin Adam

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Persistent Group Chat – the hidden UC gem

Microsoft Group Chat what is Group Chat? Group Chat:
The ability for individuals or groups to maintain an ongoing discussion [persistent], specific to a topic or task Rarely are decisions or processes executed by an individual. It is the collective intelligence of the team that is represented in today’s most critical business decisions.
what makes Group Chat different from
1-2-1 IM or other communications tools? Not just another communication tool using it in the real world trading sales analyst managing director managing director analyst sales trading trading sales analyst managing director why now? using it with SharePoint using it in Outlook community content context 4th generation of collaboration
( Matthew W. Cain - Gartner) 1st generation:
email - shared calendars 2nd generation:
IM, web conferencing, shared workspaces 3rd generation:
blogs, wikis, RSS, social networks Gartner's 4th generation improve take the load off people
make it meaningful
minimal editorial requirement
incorporate disparate data
make the data LIVE how incorporate static ‘story’ with live information of the ‘picture’… ....that means Group Chat where is the value? quality efficiency (Peter Culver - Redburn) the 'universal dashboard' come and see group chat in action and what we are doing to improve it formicary
stand: 818 facebook messages
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