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Is Cybersex Cheating ?

No description

Nia T

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Is Cybersex Cheating ?

Statistics and Social Problems

38% admit to explicit sex talk with someone online.
31% admit to having a sexual relationship with someone they met online.
38% admit to masturbating while online.
Studies show that 70% of most eporn traffic is hit on the weekdays.
Social Problems: social oppression, social skills, emotional and psychological state.
What is Cybersex??
"involves 2 or more people using instant messaging capabilities to write erotic messages to each other online, leading to arousal and orgasm in some way."
Benefits of Cybersex
"Cybersex allows you to express fantasies without obligation, no relationship, no pregnancy, noinfection."
Dangers of Cybersex
Defenses Used by Cybersex Addicts
"Her Trailer"
Is Cybersex Cheating ?
Cybersex in the Media

On Campus Surveys

YouTube comment: by ussuperprints "so what the whole idea of men only having one woman is stupid, you should have as many as you can afford like the rest of the modern world"
YouTube comment by sweetsmile4932:"I mean come on, if the man is not physically with the other woman, does it really matter? Sexting is just for a man who is bored and not getting any from his lady. Honestly."
Youtube comment by: wardntx3: While it may not be actually cheating. it is a step in that direction. My wife started with that and ended up having an affair. Not with that person, but I still believe any one on one intimate conversation is something that should not be done. Nothing good will become of it. And in my opinion, it only proves that you will end up cheating in the flesh one day.​
By: Ciara Weeks
Min Joo Kim
Nia Terrell
Jenay Lewis
Krystal Johnson

Green, B. A., Carnes, P.J., & Wienman, E. A. (2012). Cybersex Addiction Patterns in a Clnical Sample of Homosexual, Heterosexul, and Bisexual Men and Women. Sexual Addiction & Compulsvity, 191 (1/2), 77-98. doi:10.1080/10720162.2012.658343
Shaghnessy, K., Byers, S., & Thornton, S. (2011). What is Cybersex? Heterosexual Students' Definitions. Interntional Journal of Sexual Health. 23(2), 79-89. doi: 10.1080/19317611.2010.546945
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