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Its so shiny!!

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Its so shiny!!

Properties of metals
They are shiny, especially when they are freshly cut.

They are good conductors of both heat and electricity.

They can be bent without breaking (they are malleable).

Most metals also..

they are solid at room temperature, except mercury, which is liquid at room temperature

they are hard and strong

they have a high density (they feel heavy for their size)

they make a ringing sound when they are hit (they are sonorous)
To know the features of metals
To test the features of metals
To know the unusual examples
To know the Carbon cycle
Its so shiny!
Why these uses? write it down
Aim and starter
11th November 2016
Mercury is a LIQUID at room temperature

Iron, cobalt and Nickel are magnetic. Steel is a mixture of different things but mostly iron so it is magnetic
Carbon cycle
See page 253 then...
Draw the cycle on A3 paper
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