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USMC Scout Sniper

No description

Brandon Archer

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of USMC Scout Sniper

USMC Scout Sniper
Perfect Eye Sight Is Required
The Ability To Focus Under Pressure
The Ability To Calculate Numbers Quickly
Pros Cons
You Get Being Ordered
To See To Take Out
The Targets

Whipped Into Boot Camp Is
Shape Tough
USMC Snipers Under Go The Best Sharpshooting Training In The World

After You Retire From Being A USMC Scout Sniper You Can...

During Your Service As A Sniper You Will Need To Develop Skills To Calculate Wind Speeds Humidity ect. This Provides You With The Ability To Apply For Various Jobs In Weather
Helpful Skills
Pros And Cons
Of Being A Sniper
Snipers Will Shoot
9,000 Rounds While
USMC Snipers Will Master 2 Different Weapons The M40 Rifle
And The Barret M82
After Service Options
USMC Scout Snipers Make As Much As 1,730 A Month.
Protect And Serve
One Of The Benefits Of Being A USMC Scout Sniper Is That Everywhere You Go You Receive Praise And Thanks For Your Service To The Country, Which Always Brightens Up Your Day
P.S. You Get A McDonalds Discount On Veterans Day
Mostly My Grandpa's Stories.
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