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They are Indians who live in the Coastal Plains.

Patrick Nunez

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Atakapans

They lived along the coast between Galveston and the Sabine river! Language Where they lived. WAs Similar to the apaches what where their foods??? Fish Shellfish Bird eggs Wild plants Atakapans Shelter Dear bear bison the atakapans were cannabals but no one knows if it is true... small huts made of grass and reeds,
simple wooden frame work. Clothes women wore skirts made of deerskin and wooven fibers Breeched clothes usually went bear foot but sometimes wore moccasins under their feet. Weapons!!! Bows and arrows The fished with nets traps and hooks made of bone. They fought hand to hand combat with a club True or false??? (e-te-kepe) Pronounced
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