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Professional Boundaries

No description

Kym Groth

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of Professional Boundaries

have you.....
Complained to a educator or a colleague about a co- worker or another educator?
Shared your personal problems with a a co-worker or educator?
Agreed to assist someone with a problem out of your scope of practice?
Given or received a gift from a client?
Socialized with an educator or families outside of your professional capacity?
Made friends on facebook and shared personal life with an educator or family?
Gossiped about another person within your professional capacity?
What stood out for you?
What will you do as a result of our discussions today?
What is your understanding of the concept
'professional boundaries'?
How you respond sets the standards for professional boundaries in your service.
Professional Boundaries
Professional boundaries are parameters that describe the limits of a relationship between one party and another.

An educator talks about some challenges they have with their own child. You have a child the same age and have had some similar experiences.
Professional boundaries define effective and appropriate interaction between professionals and the public/clients they serve. Boundaries exist to protect both the professional and the client.
A sense of professional identity and self definition that has consistency and cohesion over time.

A framework within which the worker-client relationship occurs.

The line between the self of client and self of worker

Prescribe a system of limits and expectations

Professional boundaries
Thinking about what you now know about professional boundaries how would you support the educator?

What would you say ensuring you maintain appropriate professional boundaries ?
While on a home visit the educator talks about how her husband will not help around the house – the dynamics of your own relationship with partner is similar.
How would you respond?
What would you say and why?
Sharon (educator) is often aggressive and complaints about the service regularly, today she made a comments about other staff members and their practice. She starts to talk about them in a negative way.
Professional Boundaries
Relationship dynamic
Doesn't require formal preparation
No fee/money
Mutual gain
Mutually agreed upon levels of intimacy
Mutually agreed upon confidentiality with no legal bounds.

Have limits and boundaries
Power differential
Require formal training
Employed to undertake support/monitoring
Involves no physical intimacy
Rules of confidentiality

Unlimited time frame
Anywhere, anytime
No goal oriented
Not documented
No defined roles
No codes of ethics

Scheduled interaction
Place designated / time limited
Well defined role/focus / goals
Legally defined roles
Codes of ethics

What is your understanding of the professional boundaries within your job and service?
How will you support each other?
Understand and be willing to address the emotional impact on coordinator when working with clients experiencing life's challenges.

Be alert to potential /actual conflicts of interest

Awareness of organisational factors that can compromise professional boundaries
understanding the complexity of your work and connection with the changing landscape of family day care in 21st century
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