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The First Steps

No description

Pieternel Bax

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The First Steps

The First Footsteps

Pieternel Bax Why did NASA and the US goverment want to go to the moon so badly? They wanted to be the 1 people on the moon and came back safly. To know more information about space . To "catch up" with the Russians because Rusia had already launched a rocket in space. To go in space and that people will look at them on T.V. and not at the political problems. To develop weapons and threaten other nations because the US got threats from other countries. Who were he people on the rocket that found out more answers about the moon and space? Crew Neal Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin Aldrin. Backup Crew James Lovell, William Anders, and Fred Haise. How did Astronauts deal with daily life? Astronauts had to atach them selves to something when they slept. If one astronauts is piloting then the others have to do other things not just sit their. Before they go in space they have to practice in the water. They also had to contact earth and research on outer space. What did it mean to the US that Apollo 11 had landed on the moon? It was marvalouse for them. They learned much more about the moon. So much hard work and finally made it. Who is Neil Armstrong? Born in Ohio on August5, 1930. Became pilot when he was 16. Neil Armstrong was the capitain of Apollo 11. Why was there so many debates about space travel? Good Not Good We learn more about space. We find out how Earth was formed. They use too much money on space travel. People think it is better to use that money on economy and homeless people. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/glenn/about/bios/neilabio.htmlNeil Armstrong By Dana Meachen Rau
Neil Armstrong Space Pioneer
www.bbc.com Became an Astronaut in 1962.
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