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Sage CRM is mobile

In this Prezi, find out how you can work with Sage CRM on the road and unlock productivity. Sage CRM offers a comprehensive mobile solution, and here you can learn what it enables you to achieve.

Valerie Moutin

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Sage CRM is mobile

On your mobile web browser
Have you tried the free Sage CRM app for iPhone?
This gives you access to your
contacts, appointments
even when you're
out of coverage.

You can even
add notes and contacts
to the app, and sync them back to Sage CRM when you're back online

Using the iPhone app
On-Premise mobile feature matrix:
Sage CRM Professional & Essentials Edition mobile feature matrix:
Video channel:
Blog channel:
Useful links
Sales Tracker gives you access to your
contacts and opportunities
even when you're
out of coverage
Using the Win 8 app
Unlock productivity on the road
access key information

edit data
as needed
if you have a tablet, work in
Desktop mode
for added functionality, or in
Tablet mode
for a clean mobile layout

Choose the mode that suits you best
Tablet mode

Desktop mode
Log on or
Work offline!
Bring your contacts with you
And your opportunities too
Sage CRM Mobile
Working with
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