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How To Skateboard ...

A procedure on how to skateboard by Cassie Schnurr

cassie schnurr

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of How To Skateboard ...

How To Skateboard Staying inside on a hot sunny day while watching TV is boring.
Why would anyone want to be bored? Get up, go outside, do
something fun, enjoyable , fantastic, try something new, try
skateboarding. Skateboarding is all the above. A great thing
about it is you can skateboard with your friends and not be alone.
Definitly, at least try skateboarding because it is faster then
walking, not as fast as biking, it is easy to get to close places
and it is fun to learn new tricks. In this procedure you will
learn how to skateboard while having a blast. Materials :
-Money, to buy the skateboard
- A helmet, to protect your head if you fall
-Elbo and knee gards, to protect them if you fall
-Running shoes/ Skate shoes, for balance and grip
-A skateboard
1. First, go out to a skate shop to look at different boards. More expensive boards
are not always better. Buy a board that you can stand on and it rolls smoothly. 2. Secondly, Get all the supplies needed to skateboard. Wear comfortable clothes
a pair of running shoes or skate shoes. Also, wear a helmet for protection incase
you fall. 3. Then, before practicing :
- Find a place to skate like a concrete driveway or any concrete, open place
- Put your front foot behind the front trucks on an angle
- Put your back foot on the tail just slightly on an angle
- Keep a balance and try not to fall 4. Next, it's time to practice. Keep your feet in the same place and keep balance. Keeping
the front foot in place, push off the ground with the back foot backwards at a good speed.
Keep stroking the back foot off the ground at a comfortable speed. 5. Now, learn how to turn. Bend your knees just a little. If the knees are bent it is easier to
turn and balance better. Turn by shifting your weight to one side, standing on the board,
in the direction you want to go.
6. Also, when stopping, put the back foot on the ground and stop. 7. Finally, learn how to manual and ollie. Manual is a fun trick to learn but learning how to
ollie is important to learn to jump over things.
Manual : Put one foot on the tail and the other foot just behind the front bolts. Start putting
pressure on the tail to the front wheels to rise off the ground.
Ollie : Put one foot on the tail and the other foot on the middle of the board. Put all pressure
on the tail making the nose of the board rise up. Smack down on the tail, then slide the front
foot up the board and back down to the middle to land this trick. 8. Lastly, Go skateboard. Skateboard with other skaters, skateboard and practice tricks,
or skateboard to get to different places. Following these steps you will learn how to slateboard while having fun, and learn how to do tricks. When practicing tricks do not get discouraged if you do not do it right the first or second time. You will not get it right away. It takes a lot of practice. By the end of this procedure you will have learned how to skateboard.
Knowing if it was successful is if you did not fall all the time, balance on
the board, move at a fast speed, and learn tricks. Manual >> << Ollie Helmet >> <<Running shoes
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