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Yearbook Theme Ideas

Top five yearbook ideas to choose from for the 2013-2014 year

Courtney Foster

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook Theme Ideas

Tehe... Yearbook Thanks, Yearbook Theme? 2013-2014 - film reals Consider the theme that is easy to work with. Remember... It's about the reader. It MAY have a more vintage feel to it, but it's TOTALLY doable. toolbars Dr. Seuss! lots of swirls and circles

white backgrounds with colorful accents

rhymes in titles (quotes, etc)

play on words Picking the Right One Photography So what will it be? As the final deadline approaches,
we have to start thinking about
next year's yearbook theme.

Time to take your pick! circled off picture boxes Getting to the basics of a great yearbook... What style are you going for? Have you talked to your peers? What have you done in the past? You don't want to have a repeat! You want to keep your readers interested. You have to keep things fresh. Can't do anything the readers won't like. This book is NOT for you! It's not ABOUT you! And it certainly is NOT a DIARY! So keep your opinions ...OUT Use trees
on pages? These are some iconic characters from Dr. Seuss's collection Stripes, Swirls
...and Dots similar! iCougar! App Boxes! iThink... app boxes slide to unlock message bubbles for quotes sleek, clean, SIMPLE silhouette advertisements silhouette - negative strips - camera/ film equipment - black and whites AND colors and sepia - LOTS of pictures We can do things like... polaroids film reals instagram sidebar BUT at the same time, really fun to think about! If you have fun making it, chances are, the buyer will love READING it. It's NOT about you. So keep your opinion OUT of the decision. rockssss Courtney
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