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The Project

maercrow maercrow

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Amish

Tito and Marco Amish Founder History Population It's hard to estimate the amount of Amish, because they get baptized at the age of 18. The Amish under 18 are not counted in local congregational numbers. Jakob Ammann Basic Historical population Year Pop. ±%
1920 5,000 —
1928 7,000 +40.0%
1936 9,000 +28.6%
1944 13,000 +44.4%
1952 19,000 +46.2%
1960 28,000 +47.4%
1968 39,000 +39.3%
1976 57,000 +46.2%
1984 84,000 +47.4%
1992 125,000 +48.8%
2000 166,000+32.8%
2008 221,000 +33.1%
2010 249,000 +12.7% Ohio has most Amish
Penssylvania second most
Indiana third most Communication in German dialect (pennsylvanian Dutch) and English History Families Only marry other Amish Cats meow Spread Sources:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Grove_Mennonite_Church Formed in 1693 7-8 children Children go to school until 14 years of age Died somewhere around 1730 Most likely didn't receive good
education Third child of six Born 12.2.1644 Ones who stayed in Europe merged with Mennonites Amish Mennonites migrated to Pennsylvania in the 18th century Diener-Versammlungen Spread in 27 states and Ontario Canada Population of Amish is rising all the time "How should the Amish deal with the pressures of modern society?" Spread Distinctive practices/features Distinctive dressing Beard, an amish-styled hat and vest for married men Head covering and three-piece dress for women Formal education ends with eighth grade Marriage within the group Transportation by horse and buggy Electricity from batteries, but not from
public grid Probibition of television, radio, computers etc... (technically all electronic devices) There are more than 40 different subgroups Each with their own dress-codes Use of modern devices depends completely on the group Most amish houses have indoor plumbing though Individualism Amish promote community and place it above individual rights and choices Amish hate pride and teach the importance of humility Church does not allow... The amish do not have church buildings worship lasts around 3 hours leaders are selected by lottery from a group of nominees in the congregation Each congregation has a... Bishop Minister Deacon Amish have to use technology selectively Amish buy state-of-the-art technology Owning cars is forbidden Some families are allowed to use solar power Amish pay taxes State tax
Federal income taxes
sales and real estate taxes
public school taxes Amish avoid politic Amish believe guidelines set the community and that they bring greater security than the "endless choices and rotating options of modern life" First original difference to the Anabaptists came when Jacob felt that church leaders were not keeping to strict separations from the world and that "spiritual renewal" was needed. Also The first Anabaptist split from the state church because of their disagreement about baptism Besides common historical roots, mennonite and amish groups say that they should live out their beliefs in daily life...their differences all come out in how those practices should be carried out. Thanks for watching
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