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The Culture of Queensmount Public School

Demographics, Socio-cultural Context, School Policies, Unique Features, Character and/or Vibe

Queensmount PS

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Culture of Queensmount Public School

Queensmount Senior Public School Demographics 455 Students: grade 7's upstairs, grade 8's downstairs
8 classes of each grade
Full-Rotary, 8 day cycle
90% bus to school
Class size: 30-32 (grade 7's); 25-28 (grade 8's)
ESL/EA/CYW, Guidance Counsellor
114 Students with IEPs Socio-cultural Context Policies and Practices
Student Behaviour: No gum/hats, dress code
no cellphones
tracking sheet School Resources
iPad program
doc cameras
only 1 smart board
Eco-Room (Spec-Ed) very diverse
low parental involvement
in school activities Unique Features, Character, Vibe Presentation by: Anca, Cristina, Deanna & Joel IR Squared = Success
Mr. D (R.A.K = Random Acts of Kindness)
The Q Signs
A song to start the day
Funtastic Fridays Clubs and Activities

        Art Club
        Arts Night
        Canadian Geography Challenge
        Chess Club
        Coffee House
        Dance Team
        Greensmount Club
        Funtastic Fridays
        Intramural sports Art Club
Arts Night
Canadian Geography Challenge
Chess Club
Coffee House
Dance Team
Greensmount Club
Funtastic Fridays Clubs and Activities Intramural sports
Music Council
QIC (Queensmount Intramural Council)
QLT (Queensmount Leadership Team)
Science Fair Club
Track and Field
WAYVE (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere)
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