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Mount Bromo

No description

adonis bashi

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo
Basic Information

The Lava type Mount Bromo has is a Mafic flow
Mount Bromo is located in Indonesia

Name of Volcano
The name of our volcano is Mount Bromo
Location of Mount Bromo
Map Location of Mount Bromo
Plate Tectonics
Plates causing volcano to form
The Eurasian plate subducting under the Australian plate
Type of Plate Boundary forming Mount Bromo
Transform plate boundary is being used
How did the Volcano Form?
Our volcano is formed from a Subduction Zone
Type of Volcano
The type volcano Mount Bromo is a Composite Volcano
ben dover

The kind of Pyroclastic Material Mount Bromo gives off is ash and lapili
Mount Bromo has a Very explosive eruption
Effects of Volcano
Life near Volcano
It is a recovering village from an eruption
The last eruption of Mount Bromo was always because it was active since creation
Mount Bromos eruption has affected areas nearby because there was ash and lapili all around the area
We have learned about Mount Bromo's history, and what it contains.


Final items
BY: Johnny T. Adonis B. and Aj K.
b en dover
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