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Connections Between the Media and Conditioning in Brave New World and the 21st Century

No description

Christa Cameron

on 2 October 2011

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Transcript of Connections Between the Media and Conditioning in Brave New World and the 21st Century

Media and Conditioning A Comparison Between Huxley's Brave New World and The Twenty-First Century Media Activity Guess the name of the company who uses these slogans in their advertising campaigns: 527-1111 Snap Crackle Pop Easy Breezy Beautiful The future is friendly Just
Do It. Pizza Pizza Rice Krispies Telus Covergirl Nike McDonald's I'm
MASS MEDIA? All media technologies which are used for mass communication: INTERNET T.V/ MOVIES RADIO NEWS MUSIC ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Don't worry, we are too. YOU ARE CONITIONED BY THE MASS MEDIA "[She] had those Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur. [She] got the whole club looking at her" IMAGES VIDEO SLOGANS PRODUCT PLACMENT CELEBRITY ENDORSMENT Huxley's Brave New World Twenty-First Century HYPNOPAEDIA COMMERCIALS OPERANT CONITIONING "A gramme is better than a damn" Hate nature, love country sports = Consumerism = Slogans Tend to"stick" in our minds Not fully aware when viewed I want that... actually, I NEED that Caste conditioning Told what we should:
THINK Mass Media has control over us: POP CULTURE/ CELEBRITY ENDORSMENT Idolize celebrities = Influence fashion = Create trends = Consumerism Phrases repeated while in a sub-conscious state McDonald's
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