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ITMB Induction Prezi September 2014

No description

Christina Cole

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of ITMB Induction Prezi September 2014

Welcome to BSc IT Management for Business (ITMB)
Welcome to your ITMB journey
Take advantage of every opportunity
There are many ways to get involved with ITMB activities
Make yourself more employable!!
Guru Lectures
How are the employers involved?
ITMB student/employer events
Mock Assessment Centres
Exclusive Placements
CV Clinics
Employer visits at your university
Online Communities and connections to employers
Employer sponsored competitions
Guru Lectures
They are hosted at universities and followed with a live Q&A with the employer via webinars

Not to be missed !!
10-15 lectures a year are given throughout the year given by inspirational role models from the business world
They give an employer’s perspective of working in business with real life scenarios, case studies and business insight
ITMB Student/Employer Events
2 ITMB Student/Employer Events are held in the north and south of the UK – all universities invited to both

The events bring together the entire ITMB community: students, employers, alumni, university staff.

They include executive presentations, competitions, skills sessions and fantastic networking opportunities with the employers and fellow students
Improve your chances of getting the job you ultimately want

Get a better degree result- at one university, 100% of those that did a year's placement got First's!

Get a head start in meeting and impressing potential employers

‘Try before you buy’
Earn money sooner (think of your student debt!)

Summer placements
ITMB Community Website

ITMB Students
ITMB Student Ambassadors
ITMB Alumni
University Staff
Find us on these social media sites
ITMB group
ITMB Community group
Register on ITMB.co.uk/register now
Fill in the induction form ITMB.co.uk/form

Join our 'ITMB' Facebook group

Join our 'ITMB Community' Linkedin group

Follow us on Twitter @ITMBdegree

Let your course director know if you want to sign up as an ambassador

Get involved in the team competition for the next ITMB student event if you are attending- 26th November 2014 in Manchester
Or we will see you at the South Event on 11th March 2015

Represent your universities ITMB department- it is your chance to meet employers and give feedback, let us know how you want to improve the ITMB experience
ITMB Student Ambassadors
ITMB student ambassadors link each university with e-skills UK and employers
Apply to be an ITMB ambassador today!
First Year Competition Manchester Event 26th November 2014
"Competition Question: How can you use wearable technology to innovate and revolutionise the financial industry?
Next Student Ambassador Meeting- 22nd October 2014 in London


Dates for your diary:
20th October- IBM Women in IT Event
22nd October- ITMB Student Ambassador Meeting
12th November- General Electric (GE) Women in IT Event
26th November- ITMB Student/Employer Event, Manchester
Mock Assessment Centre Days:
5th Nov at IBM Manchester
7th Nov at Teach First London
11th March- ITMB Student/Employer Event
ITMB is accredited by the Tech Partnership a growing group of employers working to create skills for the digital economy, with the support of e-skills UK.

The accreditation is designed to help both employers and young people choose degrees that are recognised by industry for their quality and relevance to today’s business environment.
It is supported by 90 companies in the UK
Sign up!
One team per university max 6-8 per team at the event
Knock at rounds to be held at your university
Get started now!
£500 1st Prize!
Access all Guru Lectures on the Community
Guidelines on the Community Site
Professional Network
Start building your skills
Connect with employers
Join the 'ITMB Community' Linkedin Group and get involved with the conversations
Start networking online with employers straight away!
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