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History of Psychology (major schools): Dordt College

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Sherri Lantinga

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of History of Psychology (major schools): Dordt College

History of Psychology 1879 Wilhelm Wundt Ye olden days Leipzig,Germany credited as father of psychology biology methods philosophy ideas + Adam wondered how Eve always knew where to find fig leaves.

Eve wondered why Adam always left his dirty fig leaves laying all over the floor. Structuralism processes of the mind
"baq, vir, hac": learning nonsense (early 1900s, US) Psychodynamic Theory (call it "psychoanalysis" if you'll lay on the couch and tell me whatever comes into your mind) Humanism Cognitivism Behaviorism Evolutionary Psych Positive Psych "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough,
and darn it: people like me."
(1960s, US) "just think about it - be reasonable"
1950s-today; US "my genes made me do it"
(1970s-today) "let me help you with that"
(1990s-today) Today's Perspectives 1880-1950ish Biopsychology "brains rule!"
(1980s-today) parts of the mind
"how do you see an E?"
(late 1800s, Germany) Functionalism Gestalt Psych visual perception
"seeing patterns, not parts"
(1920s-1950s, Germany) The Big Three Schools "the mind in tension"
(early-mid 1900s; Europe then US) "those with minds need not apply"
early- to mid-1900s; Russia then US) People have always wondered why other people
act the way they do. This is early psychology. Happy 135th Birthday, Psychology! = Psychological science The Early Three Schools 1900-1980ish 1950s-today In 1879, a German guy began using scientific methods to test his wonderings about people.

And we officially mark the beginnings of
calling our wonderings "psychology." Earliest Psychology who's your Daddy? ___ Positive Psych
___ Biopsych
___ Cognitive Psych
___ Social Psych
___ Humanism
___ Behaviorism
___ Functionalism
___ Structuralism
___ Developmental Psych
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