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Mainstreaming Peace Education

teach the child...to change mankind

Layla Subhani

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Mainstreaming Peace Education

Mainstreaming Peace Education teach the child...to change mankind Translation to song below by Baha'i junior youth in Zambia:
Allah'u'Abha, wonderful, very beautiful, Peace & Love
Allah'u'Abha Beloved ones of Him. This song is a welcome song sung to the visitors for visiting the community. Imagine a world where in 1st grade our children where taught peace... Teach our children the 4 R's: Reading
Reconciliation We need to MAINSTREAM
PEACE EDUCATION OUR WORLD TODAY Exposure to violence "Hatred is the most subtle
form of violence" -Gandhi Learn to live together Change the pattern: Turn peaceful behaviors
into peaceful attitudes Begin with our children! A gun in the hand limits intellectual approach to
peace. "Each human as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value". The Baha'i Faith
Peace Cirriculum Founded in 1844 in Persia by Baha'u'llah Each and every human has limitless potential Basic principles of: UNITY JUSTICE LOVE Society is now a global one... we need to teach principles of justice and adopt concept of oneness. Faith deconstructs: roots of war-like behavior, predjudice, oppression of women, and passes a message of UNITY WITHIN DIVERSITY. The Baha'i faith from the start has made promoting peace education its highest priority...starting with the children Create a moral education for peace To move humanity away from war and towards peace! Not a religious approach! Why? MY PROPOSAL Attaining peace will take generations Change will be seen as patterns of violence into patterns of peace Continous Sustainable Education (K-12) Peace as behavior evolution Implement Peace Programs: Physical & Intellectual And How It Has Shaped Me My Experience People to People Ambassadors Montessori Educated Traveling to Experience Culture We are all drops of one ocean,
Earth is but a country, mankind it's citizens Living in Santa Cruz...a place for open disscussion of issues Principles of basic psychology Create Opportunities WHY DO I CARE? How is this approach any different? Go to the root of solution: the individual! Idealism vs. Reality Even one drop of water raises the level of the ocean! Global world requires living together It is time for us to evolve towards peace! Peace Education Approachs Ireland: "Education for mutal understanding" Korea: "Reunification Education" UNHCR (Kenya) UNESCO Isreal & Palestinian Children: transformation of hatred Australia Norway & Canada's views Attain inner peace through behavior education: teach empathy, mediation skills, alternative dispute resolution methods.
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