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Jaclyn Ross

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of UFC

The UFC at a Glance
vision, mission, goals, values, history, market: SWOT
Structure and Processes of the League
hierarchy, type of system, leadership, revenue, player acquisition, determination of a champion, election negotiation of leadership, policies, implementation process
Major Issue Confronting the League
Governing structures and processes used to implement
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Jaclyn Ross, Keri Squadrito,
Ben Rapaport, & Mike Fowler
Strategies developed
"Our mission is to help and promote the sport of MMA evolve into a major world sport."
Expand target market
Grow the sport
Expand to include women
Legalize the sport
Hierarchy & Leadership
Closed or Open
Revenue Generation
Determination of a Champion
Implementation Process
Men: 74.6%

Women: 25.4%

Ages 18-29: 36.5%

Ages 30-44: 37.1%

High School Education: 51.5%

College Education: 48.5%
What is at Stake
"They have been very consistently bad."
- Dana White
"When the promoter is more concerned about the fighters than the commission...that's a problem. The commission is here to protect the fighters from me. I'm a promoter. I'm taking their money and making sure GSP wins because he's our big money guy and screw Johny Hendricks. That's what they are supposed to be there for. It is absolutely f***** insane when the promoter is trying to protect the fighters from the commission."
“There is obviously some incompetence there, but there is also a f****** huge ego there," he added. "There is a huge ego who would rather stick it to us than just do what’s right. There’s no doubt about it and I absolutely 100 percent believe that. And I think a lot of you believe that too. This is our hometown, where we live, and the athletic commission is the weakest in the country."
Started in 1993 by the Gracie Family

The first fighters fought UFC 1 on November 12, 1998

Early days had few rules and no judges

Dana White purchased UFC in 2001 for $ 2 million

Popularity surged in the early 2000s and in 2009

UFC is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary
President and owner of UFC can hand pick the officials for each individual fight.
Injuries to athletes, fights stopped prematurely, wrong decisions, loss of integrity
Inconsistent Refereeing
Leads to loss of interest, leading to eventual loss of sport entirely
UFC breaks apart from ABC to create its own entity and governing body, with their own qualified officials.
All ABC referees wanting to officiate and judge UFC fight will be required to participate in an ABC and UFC sanctioned training program.

Achieving Goals
Be Successful

Dana White feels that the UFC should take on the same values he believes he has himself as a man and as the president of the sport.
The UFC’s biggest weakness is how their ties to the casino industry have caused friction with unions when trying to get sanctioned in the state of New York.

The UFC’s 2nd biggest weakness is how under dressed ring girls and uncensored language make it difficult to expand their target market.

The UFC’s next biggest weakness is the lack of a subscription to pay-per-views for loyal fans.
As the sport grows internationally the UFC’s biggest opportunity is to expand globally though its ties to IMMAF.

The UFC’s 2nd biggest opportunity would be to create their own network offering a discount to loyal fans.

The UFC’s next biggest opportunity is through an online video platform where a member would pay a monthly fee.
The UFC’s biggest threat is online piracy.
The UFC’s next biggest threat is the ongoing investigation by FTC for a monopoly.

Although the UFC pays their fighters substantially better than other MMA promotions, they have been publicly criticized for not paying a salary similar to the big 4 sports.
The UFC’s biggest strength is their roster of 250+ fighters and 60 of the top 70 fighters in the world.

The UFC’s new deal with Fox T.V. networks allows for more exposed to a larger target market.

The UFC’s next biggest strength is the acquisition of Strikeforce eliminating their next biggest competitor.
Pay per View Profits

7 year partnership with Fox Sports

Ticket sales

Merchandise sales

Sale and distribution of training programs
Champion will fight the number one contender. (Determined by UFC’s rankings).

Fighters will fight others that are close to their current standing in order to move up in ranking.

The current trend is the 1st contender will fight the 2nd contender and the winner of that will challenge the champion.

This can also occur if the champion decides to retire with the belt.
“[MMA] requires an amateur mixed martial arts league or some type of sanctioned body to oversee things, so fighters can apply their craft and hone their skills in a safe way,”(Yuen, 2013)

Dana White has been expressing his displeasure:

“ There's no mixed martial artist, former mixed martial artist, or anybody who knows enough. I don't think that you should be judging or reffing a fight unless you've actually rolled and know what a submission feels like. How about know what a submission is? How about that first… let alone mixed martial arts,” (Morgan, 2011)
Who has the Incentive and Capacity to implement changes?
How would changes influence compliance and enforcement?
Why is it an Issue?
Main reason is for the athletes safety

Recent topic of discussion

All UFC fights

Who Does it Impact:
Fighters, UFC, Fans, Officials
UFC. (2013). Discover the fighter. Retrieved from http://www.ufc.com/discover/fighter/index
UFC. (2013). Discover the fighter. Retrieved from http://www.ufc.com/discover/fighter/index
Martin, D. 2013.
Dana White: Refereee Steve Mazzagatti is "Dangerous" with Continued Incompetence.
(Martin, D.2013)
Herb Dean
Make Herb Dean the sanctioned training program
"Herb Dean is the best referee in the business."
(Morgan, 2011)
UFC. (2013). Discover the fighter. Retrieved from http://www.ufc.com/discover/fighter/index
UFC Executive Lawrence Epstein
President Dana White
Implemented Code of Conduct
Nevada State Gaming Commission
Implement by creating fight cards that determine champion, promote fighters, and draw audiences
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