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Teddy Roosevelt

No description

Maneet Kaur

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Teddy Roosevelt

about Teddy Roosevelt All you need to know.. Teddy Roosevelt Citation Teddy Roosevelt was born October 27th. He was our President from the year 1901- 1909. He was related to the 32nd president.. He ran for Mayor in the year 1886 in New York finishing with 6000 votes. He got married twice, you'll learn more about that later! Cause Spainish American War Cause and Effects Big Stick Diplomacy was really when He started 44 anti-trust suits against monopoly businesses Roosevelt Accomplishments Congress, Library Of. "Theodore Roosevelt." - The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War (Hispanic Division, Library of Congress). Library Of Congress, June-July 2011. Web. 10 Jan. 2013. First few steps then fall Teddy Roosevelt had a hard childhood he was born with asthma and he could barely ever step outside, or the hot wind would cause him to have an attack, soon Teddy got over the fact that he couldn't come over asthma and just play outside like every other kid, he decided to do so much physical work, that he soon got over it at the age of 12. His father was always there for him. His father would stay up nights that Teddy was sick, he would also take Teddy out for the night, he would take him on a carriage and show him the wonders of the world, finally at the age of twelve his father told him to " develop a body in order to develop a complete mind." Teddy took this to heart and started building a gym at home. he did all of the following to overcome asthma:
Lifted weights, Gymnastics, rode horseback, swam, wrestled, boxed, and learned judo, as he grew stronger his asthma stopped and he could finally be normal. The things his doctor said didn't work, but the one thing his dad said did, his doctor said things such as smoking at the age of twelve. thats just too crazy. Spanish American War! the reason why Teddy Roosevelt was such a big part of the spanish american war was because he was the assistant secretary of the navy in 1897. A year before the Maine exploded, he continued his work, all the way up until he His love for publicity and his writing made him the 2nd most remembered person of the Spanish- American war. The spanish American war was a lot of waste but it was the way that we all realized who Teddy Roosevelt really is. He was a happy man and he was in charge of the Navy as the Spanish American war went on, he probably knew himself that the war was all a waste, but he had to do, what he had to do. Causes: Yellow pages/journalism what America "thought" Spain did Freedom for Cuba U.S.S Maine Americans rebelling against Spain and declaring war. Effects! United States becomes
powerhouse economy and the True world power United States did not want europeans on their land

Great deal of guarding on their territories

"International police power" for those countries that weren't paying the money they owed to Europe. Top Facts! First president to leave the continental U.S Was a Sunday School Teacher First American to win a noble prize! Multitasking home school-er! First president to be called by their initials boxing injury, his left eye was blind from a hard hit. First President to fly an Airplane Youngest President Panama Canal- Was in Central America which made it easier to get to the other side of America on ship. IT took 1/3 less the time. Shoe Maker, Tim. "Teddy Roosevelt and His Big Stick." Campaign for Liberty. Liberty NewsWire, 26 Jan. 2012. Web. 10 Jan. 2013.
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