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Giving Power, You Gain Power! -2


Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Giving Power, You Gain Power! -2

with each other
How IT Is Today!
General Information –
Across cultures men explore less than women and decide more quickly.
Reward Strategy
You Gain Power
It May Not Be What You Like To Hear!
By Giving Power,
Disney Movies Anywhere
I Wanna Be Like You
Culture differences
Biological differences
By Giving Power – You Gain Power!
Nicole Dominique Le Maire
Do Men & Women Differ Whilst Making Decisions?
Iowa Gambling Task
Leadership Behaviours
Being a Role Model for Integrity & Ethics
Demonstrating Optimism & Positive Energy
Learning the Business
Establishing a Vision & Mission
Setting Strategy & Priorities
Hiring Great Talent
Creating a Culture of Customer Focus
Building High Performance Teams
Motivating & Inspiring Others
Delegating & Empowering
Driving for Results
Managing & Evaluating Performance
Coaching & Developing Talent
Managing Complexity & Ambiguity
Managing Your Time
Evaluating Risk
Resolving Conflict
Driving Innovation
Influencing Others
Collaborating Across the Organisation
Keeping Things in Perspective (Humility & Gratitude)
Being a Champion for Work/Life Balance
Demonstrating Passion for Your Work
Female Leadership
A ‘Legal‘ Revolution Rather Than A ‘Natural’ Evolution
Female Executives earn 85.6% of the total pay male counterparts earn.
Female executives are likely to stay in their organisations despite underpayment.

4.2% of CEO’s at Fortune 500 companies are women.
Social Sensing Technology And Female Leadership
Call Center:
Workforce and Pay Measures
Representation of men and women
Composition and structure of the workforce
Levels by role
Different bands
Composition of the workforce as a whole
Promotion rates by gender
Uptake of flexible working
across company
Maternity/Paternity returners
Different Occupational groups
Measures that directly capture the pay differences between men and women
Look at average basic pay / total average earnings by grade and job type
Men and Women's starting salaries
Reward components at different levels
Company's full-time employee pay gap
Company's part-time employee pay gap
Company's overall pay gap
Organisations should aim for a Talent Equal reward strategy that enhances diversity, gender and the strengths of each employee.
Reward Strategy & Gender Equity (not Equality)
From Toys"R"Us 2012 brochure
Equity leads to equality!
(trade-off between accuracy & speed)
Win A Yellow Token –
Across cultures men bet more points when the odds of winning are high than women.
Study in Australia by Yanadori 2014
“Women were disadvantaged when it came to winning promotions and reaching the upper echelons of management”
“Women were more productive than men, completing calls on average 24 seconds more quickly”. Up to 9 percent difference in productivity.
“No differences in workplace performance or collaborative styles were observed at the company to support the idea that men and women perform or interact differently”
“Found little evidence of contrasting work styles between men and women”
“Women were fractionally (0.2 percent) more likely to be promoted than men”

Research by @BWaber
It means opening up access to all the company's resources, support and opportunities so both male and female employees can aim to get to the next level.
Research by @r_vandenbos
(Radboud University, NL)
Research by @r_vandenbos
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