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Rainbow Paradise

No description

Yanna Lin

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Rainbow Paradise



School, in my community, is much like normal school with more technology integrated. All children, starting at age three, will receive a tablet for school. Student will do most of their assignments on their tablets. Students will learn Math, History, Science, and Reading until age twelve. They would then choose a specific subject or subjects to study, like biology or language. Basically, at age twelve, kids can get to choose what they learn. Of course the choices must be approved by the Courts, but most subjects chosen are appropriate and can be beneficial to our community. The students will be mentored by already experts of that subject. This system of education ensures that our community has many experts in various professions and subjects.
Families in my community are pretty much the same as families in your current families. The main difference in that the families in my community may not be as plentiful as yours. There is a regulation that limits the amount of children a couple can have. Overpopulation can be a problem in my community because so many people will want to live here and there is just not enough space! A family can only have three children, maximum. There are some exceptions sometimes and if you really want more children a form can be filled out and turned into the Court of Marriage and Family. A member's family is neither patriarchal or matriarchal. Both parents influence each other's decisions.
Yay, my housing arrangement! This is one of my favorite parts of my community. In fact, this is how the name of my community originated.
Yay, my housing arrangement! This is one of my favorite parts of my community. In fact, the housing arrangement helped a lot in the naming of my community. If you were to join my community, the housing cost wouldn't be much to pay. It would maybe only cost $150,000 for a house. The houses are fairly big too, consisting of four bedrooms and two bathrooms each.
Housing (Continued)
The homes in my community are all different colors, or actually, shades of colors. The homes are arranged in rows according to their color and shade. Red1 is the deepest shade of red. It is also the first home of the first row. Red2 is the second darkest and it is the second house in the first row. This row progresses until Red20 and the row would start again at a different color.
Darkest Red
A Shade Lighter Than the Darkest Red
Two Shades Lighter Than the Darkest Red
There are many jobs. All jobs are equally important and beneficial to the community. After kids choose their subjects a age twelve their trainer will train them accordingly. People are paid differently according to their job. Some jobs are not consistent in work, like a Builder's job. Therefore, some people can have more than one job, if they wish
Deliverers deliver essential materials and supplies to each housing. They deliver things like food and mail. And yes, there is mail. People do have contact with the outside world. Deliverers might like maps and have a good sense of direction. Some times, they are pretty athletic. Deliverers aren't chosen. It's more like they choose to be Deliverers. At age twelve, they probably chose Math and Science as their main studies. They may have specified in topography or maybe they liked bicycling. Deliverers practice riding and delivering with older Deliverers as their training. Their training isn't very complicated or long.

Fixers fix things. All the job titles are actually quite self-explanatory. Fixers usually know how to fix various things and their training is a bit long. They train by watching, asking, and listening to older Fixers. Fixers usually like to fix things. They are good at fixing things too. Most show good aptitude for puzzle-like things. Fixers usually choose to study mechanics when they are twelve.
Climateers use technology to regulate the weather. They plan when different weather will happen to suit the community's needs and wants. They like the weather a lot and at age twelve, they probably chose meteorology as subjects. Their training consists of watching and listening too. Their trainers would help them.
Foodientists are scientists who create healthy food. They research and experiment with natural resources that help vegetation grow. Foodientists may like the environment and chemistry. At age twelve, it is usually the kids who pick ecology and/or chemistry as their subjects. They learn from older Foodientists after they choose their job.
Builders work with architects to build, design, and fix buildings and recreation areas. Builders are the type of people who like to build. They probably spent lots of times playing with legoes as a child perhaps. They may have chosen Math or Engineering as their subject. Builders practice building with their mentors to train.
Technically, there is no money in my community. Instead, people earn credits. Credits are used similarly to a credit card. We use credits because they are easier to use and keep track of. The credits can be accessed by a member's communication device, like on a phone. People earn credits by working at their jobs. People also grow gardens for food. Everyone is required to grow one. Food can be traded for credits too.
Everyone, at age ten, will receive a bicycle to ride and get around by. Each color group has a school bus for the kids too young to ride a bicycle though. There are roads that people can ride their bikes on but people must be careful of trucks. The community isn't very large so their isn't a system of mass transportation. It is also easier not to get lost since it's not so big.
1. Everyone is a Christian.
2. No worshiping idols.
3. Honor your father and mother.
4. Respect your elders.
5. No murder.
6. No stealing.
7. No weapons unless applied for.
8. Treat your neighbors at you would have them treat you.
9. If unsure about something, do what is most morally right.
10. Abide by all rules and regulations.

Government Continued
The Presider and the Council makes the laws. Patrollers enforce the law. My community is a Democracy. That's the short, excuse me, very short, overview.
Now, how my community is a Democracy, you shall know.
Each group of colors in Rainbow Paradise our for two representatives who will represent their color. The Presider will not be voted for though. Instead, the current Presider will select the preceding Presider. The Presider presides over everything. When the vote the Council makes for a law is tied, they go to the Presider, who will break the tie.
When a person breaks the law, they will be sent to one of the ten Community Courts according to their infractions by Patrollers. The Community Courts will then decide what their punishment will be, according to the law he or she broke.
My community's climate is very controlled. We have very advanced technology that regulates the climate. Basically, my community has a giant dome surrounding it. The dome has pockets of air in which rain outside the dome can be collected for later use in when it is raining too much. Solar panels are spread out at intervals for generating electricity. My dome can also direct or deflect sunlight, depending on whether we need it or not. The dome can also be opened when needed. The dome is almost nearly indestructible. The only thing that could destroy it would be a giant vat if cookies and cream ice cream.
A lot of extra time in our community is for recreation. There are many places that members of my community can go to during their recreation time. Many kids have lots of fun in their recreation time. Our Builders and Architects are always building and designing something new for recreation in our community. There is even a cookies and cream ice cream stand just for people who want some ice cream, which is like, everyday.
Our community is a little advanced with technology. We use a bit of technology with our education system. We also use technology to regulate our climate, remember? Many of our scientists use a lot of technology in their work too.
Any questions?
Why, of course there are pets! What kind of sick world would it be without animals?
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