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Made and presented by Henry Kline

No description

Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Made and presented by Henry Kline

Many planters had a main house on the plantation.
Where did slaves live and what were the conditions like?
Slaves lived in cabins and depending on how important the slave was the cabin quality could range from hay beds and up to two families to a minimal amount of people sleeping in beds.
Slaves were African American people who were forced to work long hard hours.
What Plantation Owners Ate
salted meats
root vegetables
Planters/ Plantation Owners
Plantation owners were white men who were known as planters. Planters were usually very rich and 88% of planters only had twenty or less slaves.
the live of a slave compared to a slave owner
Made and presented by Henry Kline
What slaves ate
Slaves had a diet of...
corn meal
small amounts of meat
possible other things if the slave owner permitted
What Did Slaves Wear?
They were given what was most cost-effective to the owner which usually meant very uncomfortable flax.
Their close came in allotments twice a year and depending on your job and age you could be given a gown, coarsest clothes, dresses, short pants, plain leather shoes, and sometimes hats.
Where Did Plantation owners live and what were the conditions like
Planters usually had 500 to 1000 acres of land.
Some houses could be used as a functioning farm house.
Most planters usually just used their house as a shelter, not to express wealth or power.
What Did They Wear?
Women dress head to toe in heavy cotton dresses with many separate layers.
The men wore full suits, long trousers, and high socks.
google images
encyclopedia Virginia
antebellum slavery
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