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5.08 Final Project

No description

Rachel DiBenedetto

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of 5.08 Final Project

5.08 Final Project
Finding Yourself
For a Better Tomorrow
A topic I learned in module one is education psychology. Education psychology plays an important role in the education system today. Education psychology “uses research to develop theories about teaching and learning” I feel like this form of psychology plays a crucial role in todays education systems because it help teachers get a better understanding on different teaching styles and how each kid can benefit from it and give them a better education. This applies to me because i’m currently a student enrolled in high school and is first hand seeing and using these different methods to better my education.
One theory that I learned about in module two that personally find important is Erikson’s identity versus role confusion. This theory happens during adolescence when kids and or teenagers struggle to find a sense on identity. In order to figure out where they belong in society kids/teenagers “try out” different personalities until they find the one that they feel secure with. I feel that i can apply this to myself because I am currently an adolescent who is trying to figure out who I really am.
Good Job!
A topic that I have learned in module three that I personally feel is important is positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is when you try to strengthen a response by following it with something that is pleasant. For example you’re trying to potty train a three year old; every time the child goes to the bathroom the correct way you give them praise and maybe even a little piece of candy. I can apply this to my life because I have a three year old niece who is currently in the process of being potty trained and I babysit her every Friday night.
"Prove It!"
One topic that I learned about in module four that I find important would have to be conformation bias. Conformation bias is the tendency to notice and remember evidence that supports our beliefs and ignores evidence that contradicts them. I can apply this to my life because now that I am aware of this happening I’ll be able to notice it. By noticing it I’ll now be able to take control and prevent it from happening.
It Gets Better
A topic that I find important from module five is dysthymic depression. Dysthymic depression is a mild form of depression that lasts for a long period of time. I can apply this to my life because I feel that I have this condition for a while. Reading about this can positively impact my life because now that I know about it I can go see a doctor and discuss ways to treat it.
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