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History of Discrimination and Racism in Canada

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Hina Rani

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of History of Discrimination and Racism in Canada

History of Discrimination and Racism in Canada
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Canada is often referred to as a mosaic of many different cultures. It a country where citizens can freely speak their mother tongues and practice their religions.
The Irish Catholics
Vote or hold political office...
The Irish
Native to Ireland
Two distinct Christian groups
Why Did They Leave Ireland?
Two main reasons
1.The Prejudice
2.The Potatoes
The Irish Catholics were considered inferior to the protestants. At the time, the Catholics weren't allowed to...
Have an education...
Own or lease land...
Or have a job.
And they weren't allowed to live in a corporate town...
...or within 8 miles of one!
Over the years, many different cultural groups have come to Canada from all around the world, for all sorts of reasons.
Today, people from all around the world
live together, in harmony.
Everyone has a story about how they
or their ancestors,
first came to Canada
This is the story of how the Irish Catholics first came to Canada.


One of the biggest Irish migrations to Canada occurred in 1846 and ended in 1848. This was the time of the Potato Famine
The Great Famine
potato blight
time of great starvation
over 1 million died
about 1 million emigrated
even more were sick or diseased
The Great Famine (cont.)
was their main export
caused population to fall 20%-25%
economy was plummeting
entire third of the population relied solely on potato farming
They didn't have proper roads or bridges...
situation was hard on
the Irish in general, but even worse for the Irish Catholics, who were already poor enough without the economy being so bad. So they left the country...
and came to Canada in search for jobs, rights, and a new life.
The Irish Catholics
1.2 million immigrants 1825-1970
settled mainly in rural areas
majority went to
New Brunswick
Other popular countries
for Irish Immigrants
Where They Settled
Many Irish Immigrants worked in service to New France as
fur trappers
Others came after the War of 1812
and worked in projects to do with
and women
worked in
For the Irish, there were many benefits to living in Canada
cheaper fares
free or inexpensive farm land
connection between Canadian and Irish ports
many job opportunities because of
New France settlement
various development projects
But even in Canada, life wasn't easy for the Irish Catholics. They faced many problems in the new country.
For example, they suffered
social and political discrimination for refusing to
renounce Catholicism
many still had it
If they didn't already die on the way there
many were arrested for being contagious.
People avoided them in fear of getting diseased.
Communication Issues
Irish Catholics were uneducated
couldn't speak English very well.
couldn't speak French, either.
But as time wore on,
these problems went away. The disease was cured. The Irish learned English. And slowly, but surely there ceased to be discrimination against the Catholics. A large factor in their acceptance had to do with WWI.
Today, 14% of Canada is Irish
and there is little or no
discrimination against the
Catholic. The Irish Catholics are treated fairly and are allowed to practice their religion freely. We have come far since the 1800s.
World War I
To the Irish,WWI was initially a test of Irish Catholic unity between Canada and the British Empire
World War I
Irish volunteering came in 3 big waves
3rd wave consisted mostly of Irish priests which earned them respect from the Protestant community
Irish helped with British defense, continued to do so for rest of the war
Irish were worried their loyalty would be questioned, so Father C.J. McLaughlin publicly announced allegiance to Canada
For the Irish Catholics, the war resulted in
Assimilation of Irish Catholics into Canada
Acceptance from the Irish Protestants
Feeling of being a true Canadian
Irish Organizations in Canada
Ancient Order Of Hibernian
This organization aims to preserve Irish history and the Catholic Religion.
Since it's founding on May 4, 1836, the AOH has grown a lot.
And has a left a mark on Irish relationships with other countries, especially Canada
"Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity"
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