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Correlative conjunctions

No description

Simona Suciu

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Correlative conjunctions

CORELATIVE CONJUNCTIONS They are conjunctions that are used in pairs in a sentence.
The first conjunction introduces two or more things that will be connected, then the second conjunction connects them. Pairs of correlative conjunctions:
not only...but also Both...and
Function: Addition
Example: Both Scarlett and Pato recently had a baby. Either...or
Function: Alternative
Either the dog or the cat opened the door. Neither...nor
Function: Alternative - negative sentences
Neither Phill or Jake knows that the birds can dance. Whether...or
Function: Alternative
We couldn't decide whether to buy a small house or a big one. Not only...but also
Function: Addition
The Mexican food is not only delicious but also very cheap. In present tense sentences we use the singular or plural form depending on the noun that follows "or" . Either and animal or an accident is to blame.
Either the cat or the dogs eat the food. In present tense sentences we use the singular or plural form depending on the noun that follows "nor". Neither Phill nor his family know about the accident.
Neither Phill nor Jake knows about the accident. Let´s practice!
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