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which liquids make plants grow the best

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Daniela Panteghini

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of which liquids make plants grow the best

Our topic is about botany/gardening because our experiment basically is about plant growth with different external factors, we choose to explore this topic because we both have interest on different reactions in plants including its growth and evolution.
scientific question
1. Water.
2. Milk.
3. Ice Tea.
4. Orange Juice.
5. Coke.
6. Vinegar.
7. One package of bean seeds(30 bean seeds)
8. 6 Six zip-lock plastic bags.
9. Permanent marker(labeling)
10. Metric ruler
11. 12 Paper towels

By: Daniela Panteghini & Jacobo Montes
1. Prepare all the materials
2. Divide the 30 beans seeds into 6 groups
3. Using the permanent marker, label each of the six bags with the name of the liquid it will contain.
4. Moisten a square of paper towel with the liquid chosen and lay it out on a flat surface.
5. Place 5 bean seeds across the surface of the paper towels.(The seeds can´t touch each other).
6. Moisten a second square of paper towel and place it directly on top the first.
7. Gently roll it up into a cylinder.
8. Keep the cylinder on the plastic bag where it belongs
9. Repeat the process, beginning at Step 1, for all of the other liquids.
10. Close the bag and put it to rest at room temperature .
11. Observe a few days
12. Then measure with a ruler how the bean seeds grow/develop.
We don't have plenty of time to make our project.
We were interrupted by cultural week
Some days that we can´t take the observations at the same hour.
Maybe we saturated some seeds with the liquid
Plants are producers that get their energy from the sun and convert it to oxygen and sugar using a process called photosynthesis. This process is essential to all living things survival. Without photosynthesis there would be no oxygen and we would all die. The topic of our experiment is on how plants will react differently to being fed different liquids. The roots would soak up the liquid (ex. iced tea) and bring it up through the stem and distribute it to other parts of the plants.
How Does Being Watered With Different Liquids Effect Plants' Growth?
Iced Tea
Orange Juice
We can improve our experiment by testing another type of seeds.
Using another method for the seed germination (in cotton,soil,etc).
Testing with more liquids.
Red Bull/Monster Energy
Apple Juice
Observe with more days.
What are you sure about your topic after the experiment-
Was your hypothesis supported?
What can be explored further based on your finding?
1. LEOPOLD, A. C. (1964). Plant growth and development. New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London: McGraw-Hill Book Co.

2. M. Mayer and Y.Shain (1974) Control of seed germination. Annual Review of Plant Physiology. Jerusalem, Israel.

3. M. Philip Rolston (1978) The Botanical Review. Water impermeable seed dormancy, Volume 44, Issue 3, page 365-396.Springer-Verlag.

4. Hunt. R (1982) Plant growth curves. The functional approach to plant growth analysis Plant growth curves Volume 1.0-7131-2844-5

5. WENT, F. W. (1957) the experimental control of plant growth. With special reference to the Earhart Plant Research Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. The experimental control of plant growth.19580700410

6. Fosket, D. E. (1994) Plant growth and development: a molecular approach. Plant growth and development and molecular approach. pp. 580 pp. 19940703341
Our hypothesis was not supported because the 5 bean seeds of the zip-lock plastic bag of coke, eventually were dormant or died. Probably coke saturated the seed with artificial sugars, carbonated water, flavoring, and coloring. Coke In large doses, make that the sugar changes the normal process in the plant, preventing water from being absorbed by the the roots (through osmosis).
Seeds can stay dormant until
optimum conditions
for growth are reached.
Beans are the large seeds of certain types of plants, and are technically a fruit.
Beans have been cultivated by humans for 6,000 years.
Dicot: Are seeds that start life with two seed leaves, like beans.
We are sure that if we want to make a plant growth healthy and faster water will be the best choice. That plants need water for photosynthesis(make their own food), for turgidity (to make sure that the plant doesn't wilt) also to make proteins, and releasing oxygen!
In the annotated bibliography we found that the water will be the best of all liquids, that the components of water will supply better the basic needs that a seed require, an that sugar liquids like : coke/iced tea have a lot of sugars that in little will help the plant but big amounts it will kill the seed. Also we found information about seed coat, respiration process, hormones and growth substances, etc.) and their behavior. That seed germination and processes don’t always be the same and mostly these variations are caused of the environment, weather, liquid, humans (external factors).
day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5
Day 6
After finding that definitively water was the best for bean seeds. People or scientist can explore:
What type of WATER is the best for plants?

What type of plants grow better with water?
What effect has the amount of water on plants?
Turgor: Is water pressure inside the cells that make up the plant's skeleton
tap water
rain water
bottled water
salt water
sugar water
day 11
M. Mayer and Y.Shain (1974) Control of seed germination. Annual Review of Plant Physiology. Jerusalem, Israel.
By observing the growth of 6 piles of seeds plants of the same species (bean seeds) being watered with the six different liquids to see which one grows more. We will use a ruler to measure the growth of all 30 seeds on a daily basis.
Our hypothesis is:
If the plant is watered with soda (Coca-Cola) then it will grow taller than the plants watered with water, milk,orange juice, vinegar, or iced tea.
plant’s growth
size and material of paper towels, amount of liquid, type of seed.

The bean seeds of water and orange juice were the best results, water have roots so large of 10mm and thick, and orange juice of 5,5mm.
Coke´s bean seeds were not too good how we expected , root´s grow 2,2mm of long.
2,2mm)Bean seeds of milk and vinegar were the same both with roots of 2mm long.
And iced tea seeds were of 2,7mm

We predict that coke will be the best because according to a 2002 Colorado University study,plants watered with coke grew more quickly and the plant leaves were a "healthier" shade of green. According to the study, coke provided plants with more nutrients than tap water. Also it's not the Coca-Cola itself that causes plants to grow better, but the caffeine in the Coca-Cola. Caffeine helps aid the plant with cytokinesis, or plant cell reproduction.
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