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Imperialism ABC Book

No description

Myndi Ayotte

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Imperialism ABC Book

imperialism. a: age of imperialism The Time Of Imperialism Included Many Eastern Countries Attempting To Take over Other Eastern Countries Becuase They Had Resources, And other Motives. b: berlin conference European countries Hold A Conference
To Divide The countries of Africa That Are Being Imperialised upon. c: commodore Matthew Perry Commodore Matthew Perry Influenced Japan To Open Their Doors To Other Countries By Attacking The Shores of Japan. d: Social Darwinism Darwin's Idea was That Societies THat Are Considered To Be The Fittest, Or Most capable TO survive, Will. E: Exploratory (Motive) The Feeling That A Country Has To Expand
Their Knowledge of Geography Motivates A
Country Into Imperialising in A Country. G: Geopolitics Leaders Taking An Interest In Land
For Reason Such As Location Or
Goods In That Area. H: Hinduism Hinduism Is The Religion In India. When The British Tried imperialising On India, They were Afraid Thier Religion Would Be Lost. Thus, Leading To THe Sepoy Mutany. i: imperialism imperialism is when A Stronger, More Indrustrialized Country siezes Control Over weaker, Less Industrialized countries. J: Jewel in The Crown Of All Britian's Colonies, India was The Most Valuable; Therefore, It was Commonly Refered To As A "Jewel In The Crown". K: Treaty of Kanagawa After Commodore Matthew Perry Attacked The Shores Of Japan, Japan Signed THe Treaty of Kanagawa To Open Their Doors To Foreigners. L: Latin America Latin America Is Being Imperialised By
European Countries. The United States Joins sides With Latin America So Latin America Can Be Protected, And The United States can Stick Their Foot In Other Countries. M: Monroe Doctorine The Monroe Doctorine Was A Document SIgned To Protect Latin America From Other COuntries' imperialism Because The United States Would Step In and Protect Them. o: opium War Opium was A Drug That was Pumped into China's Veins. When Japan Ended The Sales of Opium In Thier COuntry, Britian Was upset And Faught Back WIth The Opium War. P: Panama CanaL With The U.S.'s Involvement In Latin America, The Panama CanaL was Built In Latin America, Earning The U.s. A Lot of Money. R: Racism Racism In Countries That stronger Countries Recently Imperialised iS apparent. THe British, For example, were Racist Towards The Inidian Race. S: Sepoy Sepoys were The Indian Soldiers In India. The British Had imperialised Their Country And The Indians Ended up FIghting For British FOrces. T: Trading Trading Between China And Other Countries Started Happening As A Result Of The Open Door Policy, which Made China's Goods Available For Merchants To sell/Buy U: United States The United States Became Apart of Imperialising By Connecting With Latin America. In Exchange For Things Like The Panama CanaL, The United States Promised To Protect THe Latin Americans From Any Other Imperialism. W: White Man's Burden A Poem Written That Describes The White Man's Burden To Be The Task Of Colonizing And Modernizing The Africans Because They Were Seen As Savages. Y: Yellow Journalism Publishing Stories That Are Untrue Or Not Proven True With The GOal Of Pursuasion. The U.S. Used Yellow Journalism To Blame The Spanish For Sinking The U.S.S. Maine
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