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The client

By Garret Sommers P.2

Garret Sommers

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The client

The Client By Garret Sommers P.2 The Client
By John Grisham Plot of the book Main Characters
Elements of law Book Review I really liked this book mainly because it was a page turner from the the first page. I would recomended this book to all of
my classmates, because it is very interesting and if you like mystery books that make you keep reading this is the book for you.
Mark who is 11, and his younger brother
who's name is Ricky. Barry Mulando known as the Blade
member of mafia
When mark and his little
brother rickey witness a suicide,
by a New Orleanes mafia lawyer Jerome
Clifford The main part in the story is when mark, and rickey run from the scene. Rickey is in major shock after seeing the lawyer shoot and kill himself. Plot Cnt... A other main part of the plot of the book is when the lawyer Jerome tell mark a huge secreat of the mafia where the senetor boyyet's body is located. End of summary The Fbi and mafia soon find out
that mark known's the location of the
senetor's body, and mark must soon decide to tell the Fbi before its to late and before the mafia finds him and kills him. First Element of law in book 1. Suicide
Chaper 2 Where the mafia lawyer shoots himself 2. Complicity
Chaper 3 where mark and rickey let the mafia lawyer shoot himself and they knew he was gonna commit suicide
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