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American History 1820-1850 Terms

No description

Grace Steele

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of American History 1820-1850 Terms

American History 1820-1850 Terms
Grace Steele, Mariel Mustello, Sarah Rodriguez, Samantha Karchmer
War: United States vs. Mexico over disputed territory b/w Nueces and Rio Grande
Union w/ mixed views over war--> sectional divisions
popular in Mississippi Valley (S)
unpopular in Northeast (N)
Critics (mainly Whigs) thought Polk purposefully provoked war by sending troops to Rio Grande River (though Mexico believed was part of country)
Included critic= Lincoln
thought Polk rushed US into War
Lincoln's view not popular--> chose not to run for re-election as Whig Congressman

"Mr. Polk's War"
• A nickname given to a major war general, Zachary Tyler from admiring soldiers when he fought against the Seminole during 1837-38
• Fought in the Mexican War and defeated the Mexicans in a campaign that took him to Buena Vista, Mexico where he repelled 20,000 Mexicans with only 5000 men
• He was so victorious in battle that it put pressure on the Mexicans to negotiate for peace
• Zachary Taylor later was elected to the presidency in 1848, representing the Whig party

"Old Rough and Ready"
• The mission of John Slidell, the appointed minister to Mexico in 1845 and former Louisiana lawyer
• Went to Mexico to pay for disputed Texas and California land
• President Polk gave him four things to negotiate
1. Mexican recognition of the Rio Grande as the Texas-US border
2. American forgiveness of the claims by US citizens against the Mexican government
3. The purchase of New Mexico for $5 million
4. The purchase of California at any price
• The Mexican government was still angry about the annexation of Texas and refused to talk to him
• Slidell recommends to President Polk that strong action be taken against Mexico

Slidell Mission
Office (1845-1849)
General Zachary Taylor
Commander of Army of Occupation during Mexican-American War on Texas Border
on President Polk's orders in 1845, took command of troops on Rio Grande
built fort on north bank of Rio Grande River
Mexican forces attacked some of HIS troops--> war declared
crossed Rio Grande and defeated larger (#) Mexican Forces at battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
General Santa Anna attacked Taylor's troops at Battle of Buena Vista (February 1847)
Stunning American victory--> Taylor = war hero
military hero→ President of US (1849-1850)

John C. Fremont
an explorer, soldier, and politician known as "the Great Pathfinder."
one of the United States’ leading western explorers in the 1830s and 1840s
became involved in the local politics and had several disrupts with locals
encountered a force of Anglo immigrants and disgruntled Californians who advocated for a sort of revolt to force California into American hands
These agitators declared California as the Bear Flag Republic in June 1846 and Frémont declared himself the U.S. commander in California and led the people in a campaign to neutralize all Mexican resistance
In 1856, he became the first presidential candidate for the Republican party

Bear Flag Republic
name of California when it was its own country after independence from Mexico and before statehood in 1850
result of a revolt against Mexico
revolt was led by John C. Fremont
proclaimed by California settlers on June 14 1846 in Sonoma
the name of the Bear Flag Republic was declared during the Mexican American war
prior to the revolting people being informed that the Mexican American war had started
hastily stitched flag, which had a star and a grizzly bear
If there's extra time
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